Cambodia 2

      Winter 2010

I did not expect to revisit Cambodia in 2 years. But then here I am coming back with friends. We didn't join tour this time so had the freedom to explore the Angkor Wat at our own pace.

On Dec 2, 2010, we woke up at 4:45 am preparing to catch the sun raise over the Angkor Wat. We were there around 5:30 am and the moon is still high up in the sky. We stayed there for over an hour for the sun. When the first ray of light pierced through my pupils over the Wat, I felt a moment of satisfaction. The day was just a normal day, an ordinary sun raise, but the environment had made it special and I enjoyed the moment. Thanks life!

      Arthur, me, Edmund and Dzung
We climbed to the most central tower of the Wat.
Ta Prom -

A duet between mother nature and human design. With over thousand years of partnership, here shows the performance of human history and time.
We explored lots of Khmer history, and

ended the day with sunset at Bakheng Hill.
With the help of iPhone, we made friend with a local. Then we understood more histories and the whereabouts in Cambodia.


Winter 2008

Suburb river village area of Phnom Phen. 'Tis where the local Phnom Phen residents enjoy their weekends.

Life in Cambodia is very basic. It's not just that they are poor, but the fundamental infrastructures are not ready to support higher living standard for the people. For example, electricity is a scarce resource, so even fortunate families who can afford fancy appliances refrain from buying high-tech stuffs. Some may buy electricity generator to solve the problem; however, the road condition does not make it an easy trip for frequent purchase of gasoline. Some may want to leave the country but almost no visa can be issued in order to avoid capital flight. Generally Cambodia is undergoing an embryonic evolution. It just begins restructuring and development for 10 years. However, there is hope in the country as the leaders know what they are doing.

This place is so original, natural, quite relax indeed.

Tranquil ride.

Fishermen's village on Mekong River. The UN built houses for them on ground but they really like their life style back on the shore.

Shrimp, Crab, Toad, Fish. Had a feast. 

Delicious Desserts 
One thing rich in Cambodia is their arable land. Cambodia is surrounded by mountains while the main land are plain. Combined with routine evening rain and morning sunshine for 8-10 month, Cambodia is a huge arable village. While every processed products including pesticide must be imported and expensive, in no doubt food and veggies are all organic.

Who like spiders?

Internet cafe 

Siem Peap is the gateway to Angkor. Millions of tours feeding only 200K people; even streets are way better than the capital!

Phnom Phen Club 

Local bus... 

Siem Reap is a whole different town than Phnom Phen. It's full of upscale hotels. 

Banquet villa in Siem Reap. So natural.
Pub street of Siem Reap.

This has concluded my trip to Cambodia. Thanks for the wonderful journey!