China - Yangshuo / Guilin



Guilin is most famous of its unique mountain formation combined with watery reflection and mist. Nonetheless, the most enjoyable part of this trip locates on Guilin's surrounding towns as the beauty of the towns is undisturbed by the urban development. While escaped from the city crowd, you'll understand why Guilin was renowned "桂林山水甲天下" (the best scenery of the world). It's just beautiful.

Elephant Trunk Hill, signature hill of Guilin.

Town of Yangshuo. The picture on the back of the 20 yuan bill is taken at the Li River near Yangshuo.
Drifting on the Li River of Guilin.

桂林山水甲天下, Guilin scenery is the best of the world.

Water-fall hotel

Guilin shopping street

Guilin night scene

Yangshuo shops

Yangshuo is much of a paradise for backpackers,

full of pubs, night life for the faraway travellers.

A very basic village house up on a remote mountain.

Inside the red wall lies the tomb of Ming Dynasty Emperor.

YS, inside this ancient Chinese temple installed modern chic bar and restaurant. quite a scene.

All utensils sanitized in GL

Horse meat GL noodles

Bamboo of Guangxi Prov.

YS. Karaoked with new known friends. 
Yinzi Cave 銀子岩, never expected inside a regular normal mountain hidden with beautiful rock and mineral formation. Can you imagine that 1.2 bn yrs ago the whole GL was under water? 

YS Li River pier. What's so enjoyable of YS is that one side of the river shore was developed as backpackers paradise, while the other side was left with untainted natural scenery. Just beautiful.

What's that?  

Wave-Subduing Hill

Hezhou City 
Yinzi Cave

Nanxi Hill

Yinzi Cave

Moon Hill 月亮山

GL ballad

Like route to Banff
I look boyish. Feel like 20 year old.

Panda Cliffie.