China  -  Guangdong



In 2013 I have dedicated more time to travel the Guangdong region. A perfect way to travel and yet save cost. I travelled a few counties with friends and also with colleagues during work trips. All these trips are mostly nature and history tour. Though short trips, they are still good escapes.
Chikan Diaolou - 赤坎碉楼

Exploring a disowned Diaolou with Florian and Cansu.
The Diaolou's mainly locate at Chikan 赤坎, where the town is kept at its 1900's original style and is still an active community.

We biked through the villages to explore the Diaolou's. I was soaked in heavy rain. Still it was an exciting trip and experience.

The Diaolou's are mainly built during the late 1800's while most of them were funded by the overseas Chinese whom engaged in labour work. They are normal houses, but built taller and with delicate decorative exterior. Most Diaolou's are mainly emptied now as descendants have moved out to cities for work.

Some Diaolou's are still maintained as beautiful mansion with exquisite interior. It may be considered an ancestral home.

Diaolou's are scattered across many villages, like whoever were wealthy can build one on their land.

  Here is the Chikan 赤坎 main town, while the Diaolou's and their villages spread around. As the town has been kept at its 1900 style, it has been filmed in some major HK films such as 一代宗师 and 让子弹飞.  
  The place is occupied mainly with the locals. Most shops are mainly local shops for every day necessity. It was good to explore the town before a tourist rush.  
  We biked to the nearby town Baihe 百合 while trapped under a pouring rain. We eventually just biked in the rain. We treated it as an experience (just once is enough).  
Despite rusty, the town is still occupied.

Exquisite motif decoration.

  Danxia Mountain / Bazhai Mountain - 丹霞山 / 巴寨

I was on a work trip to Renhua County of Guangdong, so went to hike up Bazhai 巴寨 with colleagues and clients' staff.
From Bazhai looking over the Kettle Mountain.

Never did I expect to hike up all the way to the tip of the Mountain!

The view from Danxia Mountain.

How we climbed up the vertical mountain.

A monastery at the top of Danxia Mountain.

Penis Rock - 阳元石

Vagina Rock - 阴元石