Czech Republic 1


"Out across the endless sea
I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road alone
My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind
this lyric is not for any person, but instead for Praha... the city,
just so beautiful....
Thousand years of artistic craftsmanship, none been destroyed, preserved, condensed in Praha. I spent days and days walking, re-walking, tri-walking the town, yet couldn't un-cast the spell enchanted on me by the charm of the city.
A part of my heart will stay here forever. Next time I will come in two, if fortunate, or more, to reclaim it back...
Night at
Karlova St.
Old Town end
of the Charles Bridge
         Day at
Mostecka St.
Lesser Town end
of the Charles Bridge
      Prague Castle,
established since 870, has witnessed the development of the Czech state. Evolved without interruption thru-out the past
eleven centuries.
         One of the biggest castles of the world, yet you won't see one humongous building, but rather a collection of cathedrals, fortification, residential and office buildings, representing all architectural styles and periods, surround by beautiful courtyards.
      Vysehrad Castle
Ancient legends claimed
it the first settlement ever in Prague, by the Premyslid Dynasty. But in reality, this castle was founded in the tenth century, younger than the Prague Castle. When Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV began to evolve the Prague Castle in its current dimensions (in the early 14th century), Vysehrad becomes simply
a royal home.
         Charles Bridge
The oldest Prague bridge built in place of Judith Bridge. Founded by King Charles IV on
1357, Sept 7 at 5:31. Connecting Old Town and Lesser Town, over Vltava River. Def. a romantic walk, day and night = ).
Walking down the Loretanska St. from the Strahov, I was trapped by the fairness of this young lady, who most importantly resembles someone I recognize. Suddenly, I was on a memory ride, reminiscing the time I was passionate on someone whom now I thank of the simple memory...

Though we will never meet again, I am whole-heartedly wishing the best of everything. Perhaps its the beauty of this lady, or the appreciation of the resemblance, or the flash of the sincere memory, I wanted to try her home made cake. It just tasted special to me. Thanks. =)
Powder Gate
Famous Astronomical Clock (15th century)

Prague is famous of its pointy building top, spires, etc. Right behind me is the St. Vitus Cathedral up on the Prague Castle.
-> Telling the time? 9 in the day; the sun is near the Tropical of Cancer; zodiac of Gemini; crescent moon.

It was speculated that the government purposely gouged out the original maker's eyes to prevent him from making a similar clock. When he was just blind, before death, he manoeuvred the clock, at which point it stopped working and remained unrepairable for years...

Lesser Town (Mala Strana). view from castle courtyard.

Office of the Government of Czech Republic, (Kosarkovo Nebrezi) over the Vltava River.
Statue of King Charles IV and the Academic Parish of Prague, right beside the Old Town Bridge Tower.

The valuable Strahov Library which keeps a large number of medieval illuminated manuscripts, maps and graphics, dating back to the 9th century!

Strahov Monastery, founded in 1140.

Strahov Picture Gallery. Baroque style, but the white-ness makes it like Greece.