Czech Republic 2


Prague is really beautiful. I took a tram at 10 up to the top of the Castle Hill, expecting walking down the Strahov, Prague Castle (Hradcany), Lesser Town (Mala Strana) within a day. Given that Prague is quite a walkable city, my plan wasn't ambitious at all. But it turned out I was wrong wrong wrong. Around 5 or 6, I was still at Hradcany. It was the scenery and the beauties of Prague that made my legs weak. When I walked 100m, I couldn't help but halted and enjoyed the scenery; turned another corner, a new eyes-capturing scene. Everywhere, bench, fountain edge, stairway, all invited me for rest. And as for the picture above, I was at the Strahov Monastery with a panorama view of Prague. As the monastery is on a hill, the view down the castle, river and town is gorgeous. I couldn't help but just gave in to the moment, sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree. Suddenly the whole world was like stood still, for me to savor the moment... no work... no worries... life's just me and the view... it is just so relax. 

the freedom of Czech Republic!

Parliament hall of Czech Republic. Member of NATO and EU.

House of Parliament, beside the Prague Castle.

Parliament Hall.

Entrant of the Prague Castle.

Golden Gate of the Cathedral, a golden mosaic depicting the Last Judgement. (South side)
St Vitus, St Wenceslas & St Adalbert's Cathedral. (West view) Founded in 1344, with construction lasted nearly 600 years, completed in 1929. Preceding the address was a Romanesque rotunda.

The Cathedral encloses St. Wenceslas's Chapel and the crypt with tombs of Bohemian kings. The coronation jewels are deposited here as well. Place of extremely significance in Prague.
St. Wenceslas Chapel, keeps the relics of the Saint. The walls are wonderfully decorated with over 1300 semi-precious stones and paintings about the Passion of Christ. The upper wall depicts Wenceslaus's life.

Tomb of St. John Nepomucene, who was thrown to Vltava on the behest of the King, due to refusal to divulge confessional secret of the Queen... It's a controversy between secular rules and religion.

St. George's Basilica, founded in 920, beside the royal house in the Prague Castle.

Wooden scripture of Prague in the Cathedral.

Schwarzenbersky Palace at the Prague Castle, built in the 16th century in  Renaissance architecture style.

The royal courtyard of Prague Castle. Beautiful vast sloped hill of grape field around the castle.

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Def. the most impressive sacral building in Prague.
-> Me, walking every area of the town. I did get lost a few times, but me being an explorer, every corner is just an adventure.

Night at Charles Bridge.

The picturesque street at Mala Strana.

Novotneho Lavka on the side of River Vltava .

Wenceslas Square, beautiful boulevard of modern shops and stylish buildings.

The Old Jewish Cemetery, a site from mid 15th century to 1787. Due to limited garden space, the cemetery evolved vertically, with about 12 layers. Most importantly, this cemetery is an inspiration for the "The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" in the heart of Berlin designed by Peter Eisenman, which you may find in my Germany Album.

Josefov (Jewish Town), dated back to the 13th century, is a living testimony of the history of Prague Jews who lived here for many centuries. Nowadays most, if not all, Jews have moved, leaving these building (area of the town) the best preserved complex of Jewish historical monuments in Europe.

St. James Cathedral in Old Town. 

The Old-New Synagogue. The oldest preserved and still functioning synagogue in Centural Europe, built in the 13th Century in Early Gothic style.

Vysehrad, means castle in the height, was abandoned as Royal Home after King Charles IV moved to stay in the current Prague Castle. Having said this, the area is quite tranquil and very beautiful. It is not touristy as the Prague Castle, so the cosiness made me enjoy the place even more. Strolling around the area, I felt like I was a real prince enjoying an evening walk after day of schooling. I felt so serene. =)

Romanesque St. Martinís Rotunda is the oldest building in its original form, undamaged, in Vysehrad or even in Prague. Built in around 1100, it is the only few remaining Rotundas in Prague.

View from the cliff of the Vysehrad, overlooking the Vltava and south of Prague. The view had associated with famous Czech legend of being the first settlement in Prague, but later proved otherwise. =P Any case, the view and the area are still very enjoyable.

Walking around the Vysehrad area I thought like I lived here back in my past life (but won't be this life). A place so serene, being significant but away from the haste is somewhere I really enjoy to live.


Prague National Museum behind Statue of Prince Wenceslas. Something special about this place is that it is like a lighthouse for me. The museum stands in between two big boulevards, Vaclavske namesti of the Old Town and Vinohradska of the New Town. I stayed just right beside this square so when I was naughty late night exploring the youth scene of the New Town, I always looked for the laminating roof top for the way back home.
The place I stayed is quite cool. No reception, but you get keys of front gate, stairway, apt and room.
I stayed at an attic of a local building. So cool!!!
I did feel like I was in an exchange stay! Wut'z better? Partied with other mates.

I was really inspired of this senior lady whom I guessed a traveller the way she savored the view of Vltava and Prague Castle. Despite ability, she does work her best to enjoy every moment! Quite inspirational!
Thru this tour I met a couple who met each other thru back packing then 've back packed the world for 32 years since. The told me they are getting old now and really don't have much leg muscle to tour around but still aim to explore the world until the day they can't. I was really enlightened that age won't deter one's will. Even in a tour car (above), you can still satisfy the quest to explore. It is like don't discouraged from negativities but use what you have to get the best out of everything. Only if I can do so...

Comfy coach leaving Prague

Go green on tram!! Way to go!

Brno, another major city in Czech Republic. I was on a train to Prague. Didn't stay here but was recommended really enjoyable authentic Czech town.

Prague is indeed a cheap transport city!

Yes, all roads in Old Town are cobbled!

A souvenir market! 'tis where I got painted eggs (sadly one broken..>_< ) and X'mas ornaments.

Surprisingly because of the recent communist regime, many Czechs are atheist.

Czech folk music 

Strelecky ostrov

Czech popular exhibition of passion, everywhere.

Coincidently bumped to someone I met.
Madonna is coming to town! 

Erotic club area in Old Town.

Library at Old Town Square with beautiful wall paintings and crafting.

Ppl gather at night for haunted ghost legends of Prague. Are you afraid of the dark...

Beautiful wall ornaments and scriptures you can notice simply walking around the town. The city has gone through 1000 years of craftsmanship. You can really witness it.

Child of Prague Church. There is something funny about this church: "the more you donate, the more you are blessed" ;-)

John Lennon Wall, place for political arts expression.
Picture taken on Smetanovo nabrezi. Aren't the buildings modern (in European standard) and beautiful?  On this slanted angle, the view was like Amsterdam.

LOVE, in you to give
Charles Bridge
artists corner

Post modern! The Fred and Ginger dancing building. 

Beside the parliament, a square for political expression

Avenue of Statues
Charles Bridge Lesser Town Tower with multiple spires including the ones from St. Nicolas Church.

Black Light Theatre at Kaprova. Popular entertainment corner. It's a silent play, like Charlie.

Jan Hus, Philosopher, at Old Town Square.

Municipal House, a 20th century building on the ground of former Court of Kings of Bohemia in the 14th century.

Modern shopping mall at Old Town. It's heaven! coz such a good place to rest in days of intensive expedition.
National Theatre call it 
juxtaposition, a big block building contrasts it.

Another view of the Old Town Square. I only explored two corners of the square! so something for next time.

      Luxury Corner
              at Jewish Town

Post-modern arts museum

Picturesque buildings, somewhere I was waiting for tram. But honestly, every corner of Prague is just intriguing!

I got lost, hopped in a wrong tram to this unfinished, unoccupied Exhibition Hall. But what an adventure. =) 
My overall thought of Prague is "Oh, it so beautiful!"  There is magic inside the city
which I forgot any busy planning or worries I have for life.  It is pretty much a cleansing for me
to be myself, and with myself, to enjoy simply what life can offer... It's just so good.
Prague is a place I will come back again. For days I visited only part of the major city surface and
there are more depth into it!!!  Next time, if fortunate, I will come, with my cared one(s),
and we can share the simple happiness this magical city has plenty to offer.