During my stay in Denmark, one thing that trapped my heart isn't garden, river or mermaid,
but instead CHRISTIANIA. 'Tis not a person, but a place I label it "fairytales land",
as suggested by this wall painting guarding the entrant of this magical land.
Btw, pictures in Christiania are strictly not allowed.

[Left Pic] is the entrant to Christiania. Entering this FREETOWN is like going into LALA land, an abrupt change of scene from the rest of the city! Initially I thought Christiania will just be another European garden, never would I imagine it is a magical land thru the magic of Happy Pizza/Cake (ref [right pic]). It is a hippy's heaven: beautiful graffiti, wall paintings, Jamaica drummers, cafes, Pizza/Cake. Everything I would least imagine in the central part of beautiful Copenhagen. A truly unexpected scene!!! As a matter of fact, the place is so foreign to me and due to security matter, I left in just 5 minutes. But the next day I went back there for hours and I saw things in a whole new different perspective.

Christiania is a commune developed by hippies in 1971 based on core values of Freedom and Creativity. The culture remains so as people inside there are just relax and simply enjoying their lives. In reality, why do we need to work that hard, strive for this and that. If you choose so, life can be actually easy.

I must say that I am happy to see Christiania becoz there are evidences that hippies have grown. They make money and build unique houses around the area. Scenic! Beside the lake. They love the idea of freedom while able to blend into the business world to take on responsibilities and challenges.
The famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen! It's a life size statue which draws
 millions of visitors every year! In 2010, for 100 years history, she will leave her home,
 first ever, to travel Shanghai for the World Expo!

This more than 300 y.o. Hyhavn Canal is one of the most picturesque places in Copenhagen.

The colorful houses, sailing boats, bars and restaurants. Gorgeous!

King's Garden
Enjoying my moment at Peblinge So Lake.


National Museum
permanent exhibition
 <- Armour at Citadel Fortress.

       Exhibition about Kisses,
                              Sweethearts and Love

You can experience love and falling in love in so many ways. It can be like having butterflies in your tummy and your heart throbbing. Or floating on a pink cloud and writing love letters. It can also be heart-break and getting crossed in love.
There are other forms of love, like family, siblings, friends, pets and even on object. All this is what this exhibition in the Young People's Museum of Art is about.

I think I am having a uniform fetish...

Royal Palace, sourced from 4 merchants' mansions as the original one had burnt down.
My friend: "This kid is gonna fuck so much guys and gals!" I laughed but that's likely the case =)

Rosenborg Castle at King's Garden. You can see kids chasing, parents walking the babies, teens sunbathing in this garden. Very Lively!

Waiting for free movies.. too bad only in Danish...
<- famous Lagkagehuset Bakery at Christianshavn! I gotta confess, the danish pastries are so f*ing yummy. I am dripping now...

The whole Denmark is surround by water, so..


I arrived Copenhagen by ferry. 

Transit in Copenhagen is so expensive, USD4 even for 1 nearby station. I admit... I cheated the honest system. =P
Touring the city on bike? it's free! Deposit DKK20 ~ US$4.

Eco-friendly, 1p car!

Sign exhibition at the town center.

STROGET, 1.1km, longest pedestrian street in Copenhagen, with shops, cafe, restaurants, bars, etc.
City Hall & Square. The center of Copenhagen!

  Inside the City Hall
Inside the Marmorkirken Church beside the Royal Palace.

Post-modern resident apt. I wanna live in a loft with full down window! Feel just so free~!


Corporate corner at Christianshavn.
Corporate corner at City Hall Square, which one do you wanna work for?