Germany 3


  The purpose of my visit to Koln is to catch up with my friends, Anna and Ray. We had stupid memory when we're young and now we can't help but act stupidly when around. Isn't life good if we never grew old. We've tried many German food: blood sausage, liver, cucumbers, pickles; oh gave me a tummy ache...  
My friend Powren who showed me the places to go at the Ring and told me the histories, admins, people and current affairs of Germany. The songs and the wines are so sweet.

And I... want to
Thank You...


The famous Kolner Dom. 1248-1880
  Valdis and Sanita. Somehow fate bounded us together when travelling from Riga to Cologne. They are Latvians, first time to Koln to meet friends. I learned quite bit of their country.  
Wish that we are all happy!
We were at the Wrong Side of Koln. I felt asleep for 45 min. It is so lovely to be with the green and air!

Had a boat cruise on the Rhine. But the river side isn't that romantic...
The Gate of Kolner Dom      

Great St. Martins Church

UNESCO refers as an "exceptional work of human creative genius"

Koln is full of pedestrian shopping streets!!! But in my eye, the style is a bit ordinary. The same old...

There's wine fair at the central square. The Germans drink whenever! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, din and supper! oh... my friend drinks a lot too! She wanted to shock me more! haha.

I got into a student night on Saturday. But not many people tho... while a Wed P was phenomenal.

Rudolfplaz, the area that I stayed and partied. Btw, this fortress is the remaining ruin of the city wall.