Kishimojin Shrine 鬼子母神社 - The Goddess of Childbirth and Childcare
On Feb 19, 2014, I was roaming on my own at Ikebukuro 池袋 for three hours and came across to this shrine at Zoshigaya which was meant to bless pregnancy and baby. The surrounding area was quite tranquil; combined with seeing a few mothers bringing their kids here for blessing, somehow my soul had an instant cleansing. I felt serene.    

A traditional store beside the "Kishimojin Shrine". It was so family-like.

The area around Zoshigaya

still maintains a tram transportation system.

上野恩赐公园的鸟居 at Ueno

This shrine at Ueno is blessing for health 



I am so glad having Kaori bringing me touring Tokyi. Here we are at Meiji-jingu 明治神宫. This shrine is actually for the God Meiji, who was once the emperor of Japan.

What an art in trimming the tree

Chrysanthemum is the symbol for royal family

Kaori practices archery here at Meiji-jingu

Meiji-jingu is

famous for wedding
Senso-ji 浅草寺

the oldest temple at Tokyo dating back to AD628.

The right side of the gate is a statue of Thunder God; the left side is Wind God. Therefore 风雷神门.

仲建世 - The avenue from the gate to the temple is full of shops selling traditional Japane goodies.
Every year this temple attracts more than 1.5 million visitors. It was so packed when we visited on Saturday.
The existing temple was a rebuilt as the original one was destroyed during WWII.
Kanda Shrine
I stayed at  Ochanamizu 茶之水, just 5 min walk to this shrine. So definitely needa visit this shrine famous for blessing love and family.

真心 wishing for love and happy family.

Tokyo back in 1855.

Sat, Feb 22, I didn't go clubbing but instead went to Oimachi 大井町 for an onsen (hot spring) experience. There were 14 different ponds. I especially like the lying pond which I napped at an outside garden. Despite the spring water aren't natural, I had a great body and soul cleansing for 3 hours.

It was also an experience for me embracing nudity along with other 100 or so male ranging from 10 to 50 y.o. A group of high school friends were comfortable totally nude in front of each other; so does father and son. What an liberating experience.

This is the area which Lady Gaga shops at Tokyo. People are full of wicked style. I ain't bad styled either. Haha. 

Shibuya 谷, a shopping paradise for

the 20 somthing. Forever 21!

The signature busy intersection of Tokyo at Shibuya. I must appraise the Japanese are very disciplined following traffic rules.

Akihabara 秋叶原 - a nerds' paradise with animate shops, tech corners, and the most famous AKB48 girls singing group.

"My Melody Kawaii" at Shibuya

Saint Seiya Pachinko!!!

Where is love? Guess it is a movie.

Boys Love comics

Tokyo Tower
Nowadays the Tokyo Tower is out-shined by Tokyo Skytree, a taller TV tower pictured as below. Beside it is the Asahi beer glass building. 
Japan is the first country which my whole family visited while I was a little kid. I only remember that I did went up the Tokyo Tower, visited the emperor residence area, slept on a tatami on Christmas night at Mount Fuji and enjoyed the Boxing Day at Disney. Thinking back, I must appreciate that I grew up in a loving family.
Nevertheless, my parents went for a divorce. Memories of which I spent all together with my mom, dad and sis become more precious. Re-visiting Tokyo had me a weird feeling as I am like painting a new set of memory on top of my childhood one. But then here I was now again at Tokyo. I must face that the world keeps on spinning and changing, so does Skytree has now replaced the historic glitter of the Tokyo Tower...

Tsukiji-shijo 筑地市场 - in 2 years it'll

be turned into an Olympic stadium.


an enjoying evening at an Izakaya 居酒屋 at Shibuya

I must admit that it was rare to meet a Japanese who can speak any English. My experience told me stop looking for one. But then I was at this Izakaya which again none of whom can speak any English. We chatted with pen and paper and in a flash I had already spent over 3 hours there. Really thanks them for keeping me accompanied.


朝圣!找拓也哥 @ Shinjuku 新宿

The bar tenders are so cute!!! but damn, they don't speak any English...

Kaori was my clubbing mate back in Vancouver.

They will visit me in HK in 2 months. Yeah!


  In this Japan trip I tried lot of Japanese food and delicacies. They are very fresh and tasty, making all senses of my tongue alive! Also they are cheap compared to HK price standard. Yum!  

Famous Japanese beef - 著名和牛肉
These tender beef and meat juice literally melted in my mouth. They were so tasty.

Definitely feeling satisfied
@ Akihabara 秋叶原

Famous ramen

Traditional restaurant

Yummy sushi. Gorged !

Different textual layers of pork dissolved in my mouth at once. The best ramen I've ever had.

鲜海鲜井 - Fresh seafood bowl at Tsukiji 筑地

Starbucks' sakura-strawberry soymilk white chocolate drink. Yum!

Sakura and rose flavour ice-cream. Not recommended.

Sashimi set near my work place at Kanda. only JPY1000.

Famous big and sweet strawberry from Fukuoka 福冈
Here is where I stayed at Ochanamizu 茶之水. Not bad, eh. Love their recycling systm.


Day trip to Okinawa 冲绳. Brief visit of the

famous street and did some shopping.

February & March 2014
After finishing an IPO deal in January and forfeiting my Sabah trip back in December, I know that I am in need of an escape. But I wouldn't imagine that the escape turns out to be a two weeks work trip to Tokyo. ;-)  I am happy!!!