Malaysia - Sabah


Christmas 2018

Tino has his first overseas trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, which covers Christmas and his 1.5 yo birthday. Tho he may not remember anything of this trip, it was already a wonderful memory for me and family.

At 1.5 yo, Tino is already a strong boy at 83cm and 12.5kg. He is also getting naughty too, but I would still consider him as a good boy.

Once went out to the garden, he immediately climbed up the sunbath chair. Definitely learning to enjoy life. (I'll teach him work before leisure soon. Haha.)

We are staying this villa estate beside the beach front. The weather was so accommodating. Tino, me, YeYe and YeeYee definitely enjoy this wonderful moments. Thanks my guardian angels.

Tino's first flight. He was initially shaking but then enjoyed the smooth ride and got a bit excited.

3 hrs journey. Definitely getting naughty.

Our villa. Sabah Beach Villa Resort.

Strolling along the beach

2 private swimming pools surrounding the villa. One shallow, one deep. Perfect for training Tino to play with water.

His first time in pool. Splash, splash, splash.

Then row row row the boat. We spent an hour in pool each day.

I only took one picture of myself during the trip... priority changed.

Jameston Point jetty

Off to Sapi Island

The water was very clear. Yet there ain't many colorful species of fish.

The first minute, Tino was excited for new attire.

The next minute, crying on his

first open water swimming. > o <

Christmas meal at resort

Being a tourist at KK Clock Tower

Famous KK Bak Kut Teh restaurant.

Weekend market. He's so bored of shopping.

Durian is so tasty and cheap at KK. Around RM10~30 each. We had 6 durians during the 6 days in KK, disregarding the heatiness. They are creamy and yummy. Really miss the fruit.

Tino hasn't reached the point to appreciate this exotic taste yet. He will, he will eventually. Haha.

Laksa and Lah cha (Double-milk milk tea). Also the signature there.

Sabah fruit. Surprisingly, it is sweet.


  Sellingan Turtle Island (Pulau Selingaan)  -  @ Christmas 2014

In Christmas 2014, I finally travelled to Turtle Island, Sabah, Malaysia, to witness turtle laying eggs and eggs hatching, despite a failed attempt in 2013 as my trip then was cancelled due to an IPO deal.

The whole trip was only 5 days as I departed HK at 8pm on Christmas Eve after work and arrived back to HK on Monday morning at 10am immediately for work as I was completing yet another IPO deal. Despite the short journey, it was a true escape as I enjoyed my time in an isolated island and spent two days in a forest. Further, I experienced heart felt sincere emotions by interacting with the locals. It is such an experience. Thanks!  
Here I am at Sellingan Turtle Island during the Christmas holiday. I was definitely dressed for the occasion. There is a quota for a maximum of 60 guests on this island. A total of 29 guests (not full) was on the day I visited as winter is the monsoon season so there aren't many turtles swimming back. We arrived at 10 in the morning then spent our free time on the island roaming, swimming, snorkelling and sun bathing. All the sand areas are where mother turtles would crawl up at night to lay eggs, so by 6 in the evening we ought to evacuate back to the bush to make room for the mothers.
We spent an hour to circumvent this Selligan Island. It used to belong to the Philippines but the Malaysia government bought it. Other Philippines' islands are also in sight from the shore.

I snorkelled for 2 hours and sun bathed for another 2. It's winter and the temperature was round 20s. It is so relax to stay at a remote island just doing nothing but relaxing.
Rocky area on a side of the island. Lots of fossil in sight.

Sun setting while the crescent moon is in sight at the top.
Coral fossil.

Turtle egg shell.
Dec 26 2014 - Three mother turtles went up shore, but only this green turtle laid eggs. We are so blessed to witness the process. Treasure comes in small quantity.

Tired. Love of a mother.

Her only focus was to lay eggs.

A total of 94 eggs were laid. The whole process lasted like 5 minutes or less.

Too quite for me to reflect on life or get emotional. It is just surreal, happening in a flash.

The eggs are then transported to a hatchery where hatching rate increase from 30% to 80%.

This is the 3,389th turtle laid eggs on this island in 2014.

Then 45 little hatchings were released.

They were lively rushing to the ocean. 
As a matter of fact, I was thrilled but saddened at the same time seeing these little hatchings rush to the ocean. By statistics, only 1% to 2% survive. Perhaps none of them would survive in 24 hours. "They are literally the dots eaten by Pac-Man. It's just their nature...", park ranger. I could only wish them good luck. It's an irony, if you nurture them a few more days then send'em to the sea, they will come back to the island and not venture the ocean. So for them to survive in the harsh ocean, you need tough love. Like turtle, like human, too much love would spoil a kid. Survival is for the fittest and probably need some lucks.
This Sabah trip I was accompanied by my friend, Edmund. The Turtle Island is a 45 minutes speed boat ride from Sandakan Port.

We were grouped to this Swedish family of 6 children. The twin boys (18) are cute with one likely closeted; he is so scared...

The gathering hut at the island.

The hatched turtles would crawl up from the sand.
 <- This lady was so kind which she gave me 4 post cards for free. While I was in her shop I told her I want to send postcards to my parents and sibling as I want to share what I've seen with them. She told me "sharing is caring/ loving", then she just gave me the cards. I am so touched.
The cards are talismans of kindness. I shall pass that on. If one can put down fame and wealth, life will be such enjoyable.

Then we spent 2 days at Sepilok, a forest area of Sabah. We walked into the jungle and experienced monsoon pouring rain which we were soaking wet for hours. I was also bitted by a leech. ='(  Definitely an experience. Suppose there are wild animals at the jungle, but we spot none except at the re-habitation area.

A mother orang-utan with food on her mouth and a baby hanging on her waist.

A sun bear with a distinctive yellow print on the chest. Their matured size is around 1.2 meter tall.

A male orang-utan.

Baby monkey.
There were no civilization except the re-habitation centers in the area. So technically we were at jungle. 

Our resort is also a crafted jungle itself.

Me modelling naked at balcony. Of course I have full frontal pics. Such a liberal and memorable experience at jungle.
We flew to Sandakan as connection to the turtle island, so here we spent the Christmas Day 2014. The weather could be a gorgeous sunshine with thunder rain coming in a minute during the monsoon season.
View of the town. It isn't big at all.

Brunch at hotel roof top.
Local shops. It's like 1970s HK.

Salon back in time (HK old time).
A Buddhist temple up on the hill to bless the town. 

Thunder storm coming at the fishery port. 
Local market, selling goods, dry food, vegetables, cattle, poultry and fishes. The market is small to me, but the locals drive here from outskirts once a week for stocking.
  On Christmas night we went to a local seafood restaurant and enjoyed a heart felt hospitality from the owner. We chatted for around 30 minutes on their local culture, humanity and livelihood. He explained a lot to us and eventually offered to drive us back to hotel despite he just lives at this fish village. His heart is so full, so his kindness spreads to me. Hong Kong, where I am currently living, is a material city; people strive for fame, wealth and material. But in Sandakan, people strive to enjoy life. They may not have a lot compared to people in developed cities, but their hearts are full and lives are satisfied. I am glad to have enjoyed this heart felt sincerity and enlightenments on this Christmas Day. Thanks! xxx
December 26 2014 - This Christmas I'm spending my time with a friend (just friend), Edmund, at Sabah. I had a busy season with work while I'm pending for the final approval of an IPO deal I've been working on for the past three years, but I gotta take time off to escape while 99.99% of the work had been completed.
This Christmas my greatest gift isn't any objects. Material goods don't have too much impact to my life as long as it isn't too material. Rather the greatest gift would be having an answer to the direction of my life. I've been living at a comfort point for the past 3 years. My life was peaceful and enjoyable. Yet complacency is killing me as I lose the will to find love and challenge myself for greater career advancement. I shall escape my current situation and pursuit challenges and changes which enrich my life.
"Why would all good things come to an end?" It's true, even if something is good, there is an end. I am onto a turning point and will gradually move my life equilibrium. This sun set would signify an end of an era of my life, then a new day will begin.