Chiapas - Mexico



Chiapas is cloaked in jungle with lost Mayan cities, isolated waterfalls and indigenous tribes who live as if the Spanish had never arrived in 1519. What makes it a guilt-free experience is the eco-tourism projects, so there’s no need to feel your vacation is at the detriment of wildlife and the environment. In this album, the focus will be more toward the life of the indigenous local and the natural beauty of Chiapas. Enjoys! 

Palenque is a jungle but concealing a rich-historical Mayan city. Currently only 5% of this Mayan city has been uncovered. The rest is still hidden under the forest. Overlooking in this picture is the royal corner of the city: the Royal Palace and the Temple of Inscription, which was later discovered as the tomb of Pacal the Great.  who ruled the dynasty for 69 years. Starting at twelve years of age, K'inich Janaab' Pakal reigned in Palenque from 615-683, turning the city from a low point to growth and splendor. In an empirical system, when power does fall into the hand of the good and intelligent one, the empire can be managed better than a democracy.


San Cristobal

Grade school graduation celebration in San Cristobal.

Candy market. Too bad, I had a minor diarrhea, couldn't enjoy the treat.

San Cristobal. You can see how local dresses.
The town structure of the cities that I visited is very similar. A Zocalo surrounded by church(es) and administrative house.

"Centro Comercial". San Cristobal was one of the Candidate cities for the Capital of Mexico. Due to the loss of the vote, only one side of the administration house was built.
Templo de Santa Lucia.

Horseback ride to a Mayan village on top of the mountain.
This half day ride of Prinzi enlightened me with lots of philosophies.
Chamula, a Tzotzil Mayan village. This town enjoys a unique autonomous status within Mexico.

Paradoxically, Christianity destroyed the Mayan Religion, and yet the Tzotzil Mayans perform their Mayan rituals inside this Christian San Juan Church... Spirit still exists, but just in a different form.
Cataratas de Agua Azul
The jungle of Palenque

On the top of a pyramid, though hidden in a jungle.
Underneath that mountain is a Mayan temple.

The Royal Palace
The King's bedroom. A question to you: you want power & fame or the luxury of the 21st century?

34C in Palenque. Nothing is better than an ice-cream in an air-con-ed Burger King. This is the only, the only, exception I wasn't out there exploring/enjoying the fascinating cultures and histories of Mexico.
A family band playing in the jungle hotel I was staying.

A fall inside the forest in the Palenque ruin.
The Palenque local town.

Can you spot the Burger King restaurant?