Yucatan Peninsula



MERIDA.  Mérida was a walled city for the Spanish and Ladino residents. In the 19th century, it was a city majored in export of sisal plants. After the decline of the sisal industry, this area of Merida suffered, and it is now simply a history. A legacy of those times are the several European-style houses that still survive in the city. 


The "Caste War" in Yucatan lasted over fifty years (1847-1901) and cost some 300,000 lives; it ended up reduced to historical ill-feeling, with no political peace and no armistice. It is also one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of the Peninsula. The motive that caused this war is the outbreak from the built-up hatred and bitterness among the Mayan people faced with tyranny of Spanish who exploited and abused them. <Spanish invaded Yucatan in the 1540s, and the Caste War began in 1847. Only if people could pick up the Karma...>

Me on the horse-track ride to X'Keken, Valladolid, Yucatán, where I will swim in the underground fresh water springs.

This hall hangs some paintings of the bloodiest histories of Yucatan. I couldn't endure the pain but did savor every emotion behind each painting. On a side note, I was touched by the mom behind me who explained to her kids of the history. <there are some paintings of good as well.>

European-style building in Merida.

Had my first shot of Sisal here.

Plaza Grande, the Zocalo of Merida.
We swam in a few cenotes, natural freshwater springs formed from subterranean rivers. The water was so refreshing cool. It was very enjoyable.

Paseo de Monumentejo (a boulevard), is lined with original sculpture by up-and-coming local and foreign artists, as part of an exhibit.
This cenote only has one hole entrance. Likely the only primary light inside the cave. You can guess what people's gonna do down there. Of course, swimming.

For others, there are wide open space for the adventurers to dive 10m down from the edge. Cool~
The local side of Merida.


An administrative building beside a Zocalo.

A Zocalo, on the other side stands a church. It's so typical of a Zocalo.

Campeche, a city beside the Gulf of Mexico.
Arts Gallery of Merida.

Olimpo, Culture Centre of Merida. I look cool in this pic! Photoshopped...
Inside a delicately decored shopping mall.

Juxtaposition of postmodern and historical buildings.

LalaLala. I'm so pose-y. <r u thinkin wut i m thinkin?>

National Museum of Anthropology.




CANCUN.  My time spent in the Cancun area was fun: sun bathing, beaches, night club, Vegas show, Miss Universe. Also visited the world's heritage, nature, learned the history, the civil development, philosophies and humanities. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment without regret.

Tulum. a walled archaeological site beside the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. It's really an escape paradise. Simply looking at the picture all my baggage has drifted away. Suddenly Blue October's Into the Ocean echoes in my ears. 'Tis exactly the song I was listening at the moment I was looking over the Caribbean Sea. It's just so good.


Chichen Itza - UNESCO World Heritage site. Before I was here I knew that Chichen Itza is famous for its  calendar. Only until now I realize that the pyramid behind me is the actual calendar. Cool~

Hotel Zone, Cancun, where night owls meet. It's just like Las Vegas but of course in a much smaller scale. To my surprise, though the Hotel Zone is so Americanized, it is majorly (70%) owned by Mexicans.
5th Ave, Playa del Carmen. Definitely has more culture than Cancun.

Miss China and Miss Singapore! My tour ran the same schedule as the Miss Universe. Felt like I was a paparazzi of some sort. =P
Magic Blue, Playa del Carmen.

Hey gals, you are beautiful~
Observatory in Chichen Itza. It accurately predicts the Cosmo events til the 4000s AD!!

Chichen Itza was built roughly 600 AD. Here you can see thru their construction technique. 

My dip of the Caribbean Sea. Love it!  I did swim precisely at 2:02:50 pm, when my non-waterproof watch was so kind accompanied me all the way.

Xel-Ha. I floated on a tube on the Caribbean water for 3 hrs without sun-block. I was totally bronzed! Love it!
The iguanias are totally not afraid of human at all!

Blue Jay.
Each skull represents a winner of a ball game who eventually got sacrificed. Yep, in their philosophy, all winners go to heaven.

In contrary to the European architect technique, the Mayans put weight on the pillars instead of the key stone. If I wasn't here, I'll never know.
Fire show in a night pub in Playa del Carmen. What a night.

The local district of Cancun.

Shopping paradise in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

Shopping paradise (?) of the local Cancun.
I was supposed to leave Mexico but extended one more night in Cancun. Enjoyed the party at Coco Bongo. Been here, experienced it. I have no regrets.
The band played on, from dusk till dawn. My Mex trip was also gone. The fun shalt halt. I shall rock at other hall. Dunno what the future's installed. My Guardian Angle, please give me wisdom to carry on my life marathon.