September 2015
I have been inside an epic center of a cyclone for three months as I like someone whom we couldn't be together. Combined with the heavy work load from submitting a listing application, I opt to have a trip for escape. In this Boracay trip, I am so glad to have Ken to come along with me to accompany my soul and ease my pain a bit. Thank you!
Today I lived a fulfilling day. The sky is clear and we went for parasailing. It's my first trial in life. It's like sitting on a swing in the sky. The speed boat was sailing quite fast, yet I felt tranquility and fresh breeze brushing my face up in the sky. It is an experience. I enjoyed the present. =)
here we go.

so high up in the sky.

Sunshine and clear water. It's a paradise! It was actually stormy the previous few days. What a lucky trip.
First time driving water jet. It's cool.

3,000ps for 20 minutes. But a bit bored later.
The whole Boracay is a water sport and beach heaven. Thanks life. Thanks life.
Sunset sailing. 5 minutes cost around 500ps

Selfie with seabed walking operator.

Hotel which we stayed. ~USD50 a night. Quite chill and quiet

Local merchant. Met him quite a few times on the beach

Father please forgive me for my sin and give me a peace of mind
In my lone time, I couldn't help but thinking about DeeDee. I need to put my focus on 小鲜肉 to divert my focus, so here is a SeeSee for my island hoping trip... 每一次我去旅行都会写下心底的话,但这次我真的写不下,因为心太乱。这一刻我觉得平静下来,可是我下一刻也会心乱,having a peace of mind is really difficult at the moment...

Feb 2011

Arthur and I took three days off to Donsol, Philippines, mainly for whale-shark watching. 'Tis indeed my first eco-travel. Usually I am not a fan of sports nor high-energy activities. But then in life, sometime I got to live outside my comfort zone and experience life from other perspective. Then I am delighted to walk along with Arthur to fulfill the dream of encountering nature living creatures. I am simply very happy.

Feb 27, 2011.
Donsol, the Philippines. Cloudy/Shower

Today we got up at 5:30am to catch the opportunities for whale-shark chasing. We registered for two trips, one at 7am, one at 10am. I have seen approximately 10 whale-sharks in total during the day. The most memorable scenes would be:

- my first witness of the shark. It was approx 4 ft right below me. It's huge! OMG, it's huge! Quite a surreal discovery channel experience!

- my first contact with the shark. Though it was suggested a "don't", but the shark was only 20cm in front of my face! I started from watching its body, then came the fin. Then dilemma struck that should I touch it, should I not... Then I poked it in the tail. Touched it. Oh, what a guilty pleasure!

- chasing the shark. I dived down, paddling and chasing the shark. Then I swam faster and came to its face! What an experience!

The above picture is from our real encounter. Whale-shark is the world's biggest fish species, up to 8-12 meter in length. Despite the massive size, whale-shark only eats planktons, being a huge vacuum at the sea. It is magnificent of God's design of creatures in the world.
  Each trip to chase whale-shark at sea would be around 2-3 hours, with 6 ppl on board. Each trip would cost US$15 per person, which includes the boat and 4 guides. Their role is to spot the whale-sharks for us and guide us to swim and chase with it. We had 5-6 attempts to witness/chase the whale-shark per trip, each attempt lasts for 3-10 minutes. Sometimes the shark was gone when we jumped into the water, sometimes it was right there for us to chase and swim along with it. Though I didn't experience it, I saw the whale-shark came above water with other divers riding on it. I bet the sharks enjoy the contact with human too. =P  

Lagazpi is a chilled village. Life style is simple. After we stayed only 10 min, we turned into chilled and relax life style. I must say it is very enjoyable.

We stayed at the Giddy's, which had accommodated all our breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a cool escape.

The Lagazpi volcano is still active, and smoke and ash come out from the tip everyday. What an amazing sight.

We went on a small boat for fireflies spotting in the late evening along the river band. The fireflies cluster on a few particular trees along the river band and shimmer like Christmas tree lighting. Suddenly the moment was romantic. I wanted to spend the time with my loved one there, but then I am single. Haha. Then I hummed along... 單身的一個,而單身因該好好一起過。It is good I enjoyed the moment with friend. Thanks life.

Here I captured a firefly. It stayed inside my hands for 5+ minute!

This tree is full of thousands of flies. Can't capture on pic. It is all in the memory... =)
Feb 28, 2011
In a flash, we are already on a flight back to HK. Thinking back, the last 3 days were a good escape. Life is not always perfect that we would have everything. Then simply we need to make the best of what we have. Thanks life.