When I set my foot in the old Souk, I was overwhelmed by the vibrant grandeur of Qatar's heritage. So much different colors, scene, cultures I have never seen before. I thought I had travelled back in time to the Arabian mystical night... But Hey, in the mist of ration, I realized "I am in Arab". It's amazing...
Souk Waqif is a unique environment in the very heart of Doha, putting up an authentic culture oasis.

Walking down the Souk alleyways.

Cultural exchange with the local.

I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid

unbelievable site, indesirable feeling

I whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew

Let me share this whole new world with you.

Embracing the freedom? Yes, definitely! This Doha trip has cleared away the misperception I had of Middle East. I thought the place would be so foreign and I couldn't survive but the truth is that staying in Doha is quite easy for me. Doha is a oil-rich country with citizens received British structured education, security and language aren't an issue. Except that the city is still developing, so lacking some facilities and infrastructures a major city would have equipped. Overall, I enjoyed my stay here so much!

Islamic Arts Museum

The Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Centre sits in the midsts of the Souk in Doha.


Doha Diplomatic Club - where the famous Doha debate were held.

Diwan Emiri (The Emir's Palace). The King's palace.

Four Seasons Hotel. I had quite a hotel tour in Doha. Coz these are mainly the magnificent buildings in Doha.

Giant statue of Orry, the mascot for the Asian Games, standing along the Corniche (seafront).

"42C" hot!
Me in front of the Aspire Tower and Sport Center which held the East Asian Gama in 2006.

New development project, from nothing to oasis...

Oster at the Corniche (seafront)

Metropolis side of Doha and the fishing harbour
There are so many construction in the city, in forms of architectural beauty that amaze people. Sorry to say this, to me these are the boring part of Doha. Ain't too much substance. But I must appraise that Doha has transformed from a desert to a modern city in only 2-3 decades. Just WOW.

This City Center Mall is the largest in Doha. It has Carrefour, ice-skating ring, cinema, etc. However, the scale won't be like America's super malls. Shopping at mall is part of Qatari life coz it is so f* hot outside...
Somehow to me the Qatari man are gorgeous in their gowns as they are flared which make the posture and movement elegant and beautiful. Combine with those reflective sun glasses, just so cool.

On the other hand, I think the lady's dress a bit misery... It is all black and covered up, downplays and hides the beautiful sharp and charming features of Middle Eastern lady... You think they are fair??

I sheltered in the mall from 12pm - 4pm. Precisely, I was "trapped". It was 42-49C outside!!! Wouldn't everyone just want to stay in the air-con and event have fun in winter sport.