It is very sensible for a person living in Hong Kong to compare Singapore as both cities are major financial centers in the world and have similar population and size. One major difference lies in the regional focus: HK is the gateway to mainland China while Singapore is the hub for the rest of the south Asia countries. Since there are lots of Muslim in the city, Singapore is also well positioned to Islamic banking if the Middle East countries open up.
Marina Bay, the latest development site in the heart of Singapore. There will be a connected sky garden on top of those 3 buildings.  

Night view of the Marina Bay commercial center.
         The administrative area.
The famous Merlion of Singapore

The High Court. The whole administrative region retains British architectures.


St. Andrew`s Cathedral 
         Despite being described as dry city, Singapore is adding more spices. The Clarke Quay is the clic center with pub and music!!!
Along the Singapore River are those traditional Chinese strip houses now serving as dinning and pub center.

They have bed and wheel chair! My favourite is of course, the Bed!

Amusement swing near Clarke Quay. 

The Orchard, the luxury shopping center of Singapore.

Singapore is so hot all year round. Shopping in stylish mall is definitely an enjoyment!

I am liking this brand. Their fashion are so vivid and colorful!!!
      Singapore is quite multi-religious, with Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim temples close around each others.

         One thing I really like Singapore is the amount of green in the city. Even though being highly dense with people and office buildings, Singapore merged green with concrete. The result is like a harmonious symphony.

Big plants along the famous Orchard Road. 

Grass stair case.

The Singapore Management University. Plants, open space, glass window. It is like living a dream of David Suzuki.
The theme park of Singapore.
Nice beach with palm trees. Definitely one of the best place to relax in Singapore.
I spent the whole morning laying down on the beach. As gradually growing up, I learn to appreciate the magic of beach and ocean even more.

Oh, clear warm water! now my mind is going under a chain of relax ecstasies...

Santosa observation desk.

As a matter of fact, the Santosa beach isn`t 100% enjoyable as a kilometer away awaits tens of cargo ships waiting for un/loading...
         Entreport is a major industry in Singapore. The city strategically locates on the cargo route amongst India, Middle East, China, Australia, etc.

China town.

A view from Santosa toward the city center. Lot of development going on... 

China town hawker street.

Bugis hawker street.

Lau Pa Sat Food Festival. Hugh selection with cheap price!!! Tried some of the south Asian dishes.

Many Chinese Hokkin food.