Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is the only city I stayed in the country. Being the biggest city of the country, it has population under 500K, so it's cozy. You can walk the historical region from North to South and West to East in an hour. Although being small, it once held as important power center in the Central Europe. Behind me is the St. Michael's Gate. 'tis the most beautiful corner I found in Bratislava.

Grassalkovich Palace, built in the 18th century and now is the seat of the President.

I wondered how the guards' lives would be. Do they enjoy their lives? They are hot, but...

Maximilian's Fountain at Hlavne Namestie Square. It is a beautiful area for chilling out and cafe. 

Primatial's Palace and Old Town Hall

Obchodna, a pedestrian shopping street.

Can you spot my morning walk?

Behind this E&Y and SoGen building is the bar/club area.

Bratislava once was an important political district, every country has her embassy here.
Bratislava Castle. Was burnt down in 1811 and it is a rebuild in the 1960's. It is too new for excitement. However, from the location, altitude and position of the castle, fortresses and walls you can visualize how battles can be held here.

Many shops sponsor graduating classes from local high schools. You can read the grad write-ups and faces of the students. I studied and only 10% are considered WOW. such an evil Cliffie...
St. Martin's Cathedral. Small, but 11 Hungarian Kings and 8 Queens were crowned here between the 16th-19th century.

The Central Europe loves kissing! I did it there too and sure will bring this culture back home. =*)

Tesco, like Walmart, is quite popular in C.Europe.

It's not a Moe's Bar but definitely resembles it. 
On the other side of the Dunja River is the economic center of Bratislava. It borders with Austria and Hungary. Also worth mention this Vyhliadka UFO bridge tower overlooking both shores of the city.
According to my diary, after a day walk of the city, my excitement of travelling had reduced, if not totally vanished. Mainly guess due to the Sunday when everything in Europe closes, so my heart cooled, and on Monday I lost my excitement as well, guess Bratislava is too small so I could not expect much. At the moment I got really despaired and given upon travelling, loads of energy pushed me to go out at 9:30 at night. The night walk confirmed that this town is a misery for me (perhaps on Sunday and Monday). However I was happy because I realized that there are fire within me pushing me to be stronger. Failure is not about thing did not work out, instead it is giving up before even trying.
"Through this incident, I realize that I am actually looking for city life in various cities. Cultures become less important to me in this trip..."