Bled is the pearl and soul of Slovenia. The Bled castle stands high looking over an island at the Lake Bled. I am here at winter witnessing the first day of snow. Life is such wonderful.
Jan 3, 2016,
I am right now at the top of the Bled castle. 我真的很开心 , Ricky 陪我 . It's just like the past that we traveled together. I actually forgot what happened in the past 40 days. Now I am creating new memory. I can happily say from my heart that "I am happy".  I just learnt from this Bled castle that "Don't wait for the perfect moment, seize the moment and make it perfect."

Despite it's cold now, snowing, with my feet freezing, the 30 minutes of me writing to myself has made me living. Thanks life, thanks my guardian angels.

I am really smiling. While I worked in a hell for 8 months, I realize how good it is to smile from the bottom of the heart. Can't really take it for granted.

View inside the castle wall

This Bled castle has historical reference dated back to 1011 A.D.

The old days queen only granted a few poor families the exclusive right to sail patrons to the Bled island. The heirs of the families still carry on the tradition. In summer, people can swim to the island of only 400m apart from shore.

Local Bled hottie working at a souvenir print shop at castle. Whenever guests come in, he'll screen print a 4 Euro book mark with old sayings. It's a bit pricy, Well, better to have photo with him as a souvenir (or memory). Haha

Local Bled market. Most are locally hand made toys.

Local Bled nice guy. Sure they do have a simpler life than we do. Yet they are happy.



Ljubljana castle. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Slovenia is a small country, so does its capital with only 300,000 residents. Walking from one end of the old town to the other end occupies around 10 minutes. There isn't much famous tourist attraction here, so exploring and enjoying the town with Ricky, my best friend and high school mate, would be the best memory I ever have on Ljubljana.

Hiking up the castle. Here we witnessed the first snow of the season.

By the time we reached the castle court snow had already covered the ground.

Narrow road of the old town directing to the castle.

View of old town and new town from the castle.

I don't know what I was doing, but definitely with the company of Ricky, I am jolly.

It's like the good old days I am with great friend. Just be silly.

Triple Bridge at night. The famous center point of Ljubljana

Town hall, where I had memories making my trip complete

City square with Robba fountain

Open market beside the Ljubljanica river.
Some churches...

The famous Dragon Bridge. Far atop is the Ljubljana castle


Predjama Castle - "Predjama" literally means "in front of the cave"

Many secret pathways link inside the cave and castle.

The castle stands a mid-way of the 127 metre cliff. Some elements of the castle dates back to the 12th century and it has preserved its current appearance since 1583.
Somehow captured a cute bird

Far view of the castle

The suspension bridge leading way to the castle

Trees in front of the castle was chopped down as a way of castle defence system

Cave wall with water rail system to store water

The main rooms (Dinning, family and bed rooms) are heated

Cave system links to the castle as escape path and further living chambers

The torture room, which can be viewed atop from the court, priest room and master bedroom. Life of the brutal era...

Postojna  Cave

This underground cave locates at the same region of the Predjama castle. There is no industrial purpose for this cave, except it served as shelter and secret tunnel during the world war.
All these "poles" grow slowly at a rate of 1mm for every 10 years. How minuscule is human life...

The cave was formed by underground water flooding the lime stone earth foundation

Entrance of the cave

Suppose this train system is older than that of London

Underneath the cave lives a pre-historic creature (Olm) like a water snake of 8-12 inches but with small hands and legs. It is white and pale in color and supposing they are blind.

Aside from tour, everyday Ricky and I tried the local Slovenian delicacies.

Three types of deer meats

Traditional lamb soup in bread

Slon Restaurant (Est. 1552) - Original dishes from 1852 - Oxtail stewed in red wine

Slow-roasted pork shank, braised sauerkraut and traditional mashed potatoes

Ljubljana is a university town. Drinking with the Slovenians students

They found a sleight and gave Ricky a ride !

Met a local. Had me realize Slovenians are nice

Metelkova City. It's where the rebels' heart, the uni students, the bars, artists and my hostel locate. Friday and Saturday will be packed with youngsters like us. haha

Here is where we stayed, the renowned hostel Celica. It was a prison and we stayed at a prison cell. There was a dungeon kept in the original look, quite haunting indeed...

Love the stylish graffiti, full of style and energy

The cell room we stayed

The tip of that mountain is the symbol on Slovenia flag.