Stockholm is beautiful as the whole town is preserved in the 13th century architectural style. One down side about the city is the coldness, of the weather and which also contributes the coldness of the people interaction.
Stureplan, the central chic area of Stockholm.

My friend Ricky. Thanks for the companion.

One thing I remember the most in Stockholm perhaps is the party on a boat. There were different genres on different level and area. Danced 'til the sun's out.

I was brain-washed by this Swedish song, but sadly will never listen to it again anywhere else. I am a manboy...
From old town looking toward party boats.

Gaga was there on a visit on the days I was there!
Everywhere I go has that Gaga frenzy.

Yep, I danced 3 out of 4 nights.
          Here we're, off cruised to one of Swedish islands, Vaxholm. A cool excursion! 
Stockholm is famous for the archipelago, made of 24,000 islands while Stockholm is made out of 14 islands.

Vaxholm is famous of this castle. We planned to stay in the island for 4 hrs but left after 2. It is just too chilling cold to be surround by water...

Some sailing race.

Up on a cruise ride.
         Myth Busted!

 Not all Swedes are platinum blond and porcelain white. They are like less than 20% of the population of those I'd seen. But somehow the monarch recruited those for the changing of guard show. Many of them actually bleached their hair. =P. They are good to look at, quite coyish. Haha.

Sorry, actually I don't.  =P          

There was a queue wanting to take pic with him after me. Then caught him burst in laugh after we left.

Back foyer of the Stockholm Palace

Historic buildings in Stortoget, the Gamla Stan (Square of the Old Town).

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast here in the square while high school band was playing orchestra for us. Isn't life wonderful. ;-)

SEK101 (USD13) for hot milk, choco-mocha and fresh sandwich right at the old town square. Quite a bargain!

The Riddarholmen Church, burial place of Swedish monarchs.

The famous Katarina Elevator over looking the Stockholm.

The Norrmalm district of Stockholm.

Stureplan, the central entertainment area.

The southern bridge leading from Riddarholmen.

Amusement park, Gröna Lund. A dance floor for the romantics (like me).

Said it all, the Nobel Museum.

Drottninggatan shopping street. It was damn cold!!!

Wakeboard festival at the Kungsträdgården (King's Garden).

Cherry blossom at the King's Garden.

I strode my way of the Stockholm with the Sakaru. A domino effect from London. =P

Lastly I gave my Sakaru to this floral beetle. Ain't that a match?!

Seduce-me-kid wanted me to snap his balls!
Of course I did (with the camera) =P .

Good about travelling is that you can be whatever you want! including stupidity. (well, only in a civil society)

Swedish biscuit. went for Co-op for cheaper food. Well, the cost of living isn't that bad, similar to price in London.

Enjoyed Swedish meat balls and sausage. (Aside, I was sick with a cold. Sneezed lots! Coz Stockholm was too cold when I visited it, and it rained!)

Demonstration from the youths for utopia society.

Utopia Hurray! Parade over the royal palace.

Hötorget buildings

Kulturhuset, in Sergel's Square