Thailand is the first ever flight trip I had in my life. I was too young to remember anything other than the picture proof that I was in the grand palace. Anyhow, I ain't double dipping this time, so was going to places definitely I didn't go last time - the sex district. The boy street at Bangkok is definitely an eyes opener! 'tis my first time in life to this overwhelmingly welcoming gay scene. Being grabbed by the boys on both sides of the street. Just wow!
      The walking street of Pattaya. Definitely BKK and Pattaya are sex heaven. The service providers look professional and cheap! Haha. But these places are too cheesy for me and honestly I was not fully thrilled. Definitely it is fun and eyes opening, especially watching the shows. Yum yum.

Despite the visible sex scene, pubs close at 12 and clubs at 3, spoiled my plan of an all-nighter! But I did have fun.
         Went to Coral Island on my own and had a great sun tan (later became a sun burn). It was relax. Oh life!  =D
         I am actually a tag-along to Arthur and Dzung's trip while Dzung is in Asia for a visit. They are high school friends back in Sydney. But then I tag along Edmund for the trip. Here we are four boys visiting SE Asia! It was an enjoyable journey. Arthur had been very nice to me going to place only I am interested to go. He didn't have much fun while I had lots. It is good to have good friends.  


Dec 5 2010 was the King's birthday. He is 83 and is currently the longest monarchy ruler. Here we are at his celebration in front of the Grand Palace.

Pimp-my-ride area in Pattaya. Cool one!

Green curry had me diarrhea!! Twice on the trip!!
Bangkok is very much developed. I felt like I was in Hong Kong with the clean and civil environment.

I guess they show, my inner boy and girl. Haha.
December 12, 2010. Sunny. BKK->HK
Today marks the 17th and also the last day of my SE Asia trip 2010. Ah! I am happy! Although the SE Asia isn't much a surprise to me (as I've seen many from other countries before), I enjoy the trip because of the freedom and friendships that I experienced. Life just feels so good that I have the freedom to go where I want to go and I don't have any burden on me. My career is good, grate friends, family is fine; just I am very grateful to life. I appreciate it. la dolce vita. =)


In May 2014, I am yet again traveling to Bangkok. The primarily purpose is for Project Santino and the trip is very fruitful. I am in gratitude.
Then I am off to Koh Samed, an island 4 hours off from BKK on my own. It is pure sun shine, beach, water front hut chilling. It is so enjoyable. Usually these type of escape is for soul cleansing. However, my soul was so stable, peaceful and calm, there is nothing needed to be cleansed. I am purely in gratitude for my guardian angels - friends and parents. Thanks!