United Kingdom 2


         London 2010

One of the reasons I travel much is that I am looking for a place I feel myself. Somehow it occurs to me that I fount it. The place is London. It has everything that I am looking for - people, air, environment, business, arts, cultures, diversity. It is just so beautiful here. Someday, even prior to the Olympics, I may already move to London. Herewith, I want to thank my Mama and Papa for always supporting my decision. XOXOXO
Thanks Matt and Laura for sharing their place for me. Steak sandwich at a local pub.

Thanks Ricky for bringing me to whereabouts in London. Fish & Chips at Covert Garden.

Elephant parade over London.

My friend Jess.

We've been partying night and day.    
pubs, clubs, concerts, shows.. amazing ;-)     

London may not be the best partying city,
but I was already in heaven!!!
         I love arts and the beauty is all around you in the city... If I kiss you, may you come alive?
(ex the bull)
I love green a lot, so when I first walked into the Kensington Garden, my heart just softened.

Thanks Ricky for walking me thru the Hyde Park prior to my flight leaving London.

Camden Town. It has quite a character...

... I like it. =P


No! I missed the show! I'll come back for it!
         The classy part of London - The Buckingham Palace.


Oxford Street.

Harrods's. The Brompton Road.

Bank Station.


In 2011, I really did moved to London. Here I travel to other cities in the UK.


Oxford University is the second oldest surviving university in the world and the oldest in the English-speaking world, dates back as far as 1096. Behind me was Christ Church Meadow at Oxford.  The area is so beautiful so students can really concentrate on education.

St. John's College of Oxford.

Radcliffe Camera, this domed library forms the hub of central architectural Oxford.

St. John's College of Oxford.

Bridge of Sigh...

         Edinburgh, Scotland  

Arthur's Seat

I stood at the Arthur's Seat, overlooking the panorama Edinburgh. Should I yell out: "I am king of the world"?
The Edinburgh Castle.

Calton Hill
Green grass field in Scotland.

Rosslyn Chapel. I went there because of the Da Vinci Code reference. Then realized that there is no rose line! Well, still a good escape from the main town.

The Royal Mile

approximately one Scots mile long, runs between Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Castle Rock down to Holyrood Abbey.

In between are the administrative offices, cathedral, high street in stunning medieval architectural style.
 Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle

Adam Smith Statue beside the St Giles Cathedral
Clear sky for an hour! I must be thankful for not raining during my days here!

The Royal Bank of Scotland registered main office!
Kilt making

Met some friends.
Playing to welcome guests to a Scottish conference

I chatted with sis in front of this Queen's Gallery for 2 hours. Yes, I got bored and realized how good to have family!