Dec 4, 2011

I am on a coach to L'viv, Ukraine.  Never would I thought I would travel to Ukraine, but then here I am. Suddenly a weird feeling strikes me

          "I am really on a world's travel"
L'viv is strikingly beautiful as the town has not been destroyed by the tourists.  That is, most, if not all, the buildings have not been newly painted or refurnished, so it captures the decay over time.  There aren't tourist shops or Starbucks/McDonalds.  Me and Ricky are the only two non-white sighted in the town.  All the rest are ordinary people living their daily lives in the city.  We did feel like just freshly opened a treasure chest.  It is wonderful.  Please enjoy this album. =)
Halytska (“Galician”) Square, on a hasty Monday morning.
Around the Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok). No cafes nor tourist shops noted.
Arsenal buildings, kept as ruin.

Jewish quarter, before the renovation...
      A L'viv tram on a small sett street in the old town.
  The sighted locals.  Individualism is lacking in the city, as most people dress subdue and are in black.  Eye contacts are like social taboo.  As we were amongst the few Orientals in the city, locals did put their eyes on us; but they hastily dodged glances as we tried to establish eye contacts.  Anyhow, the youngsters are very cute though.

Home grown food for sales

Paving the way for the Euro Cup 2012

Pastry stall. The dough is quite sticky and chewy. Filling the tummy would have a higher priority than taste.

Gutsulsky Dvir, an authentic Ukrainian restaurants. As it is beside a college, courting and kisses are amongst the sights.
L'viv city hall at the middle of town square. Lighted up in blue and yellow, the flag color or Ukraine.

The Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre

Statue of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-95), a writer. He is whom the word "Sadomasochism" came from.

Exposing his dick for guilty pleasure. 

Praying in public... L'vivians are faithful...

Dominican Church

Inside the Church of the Transfiguration

Bernadine Monastery and Church of St. Andrew. We attended a mass and napped for an hour.

Beautiful church with amazing ceiling painting. Too bad we forgot the name. Simply there are just too many churches...

Chapel of Boim family, built in 1609.

The chapel is a prime examples of mannerist architecture. The detail is astonishing.

All in all, I am so thankful to witness this authentic beauty. Thanks!