United States - South Pacific Coast



California is such a wonderful state that is very resourceful in its culture and economics.  As a matter of facts, I want to buy some properties in the Santa Monica area or Sausalito.  After all, who can resist the charm of sun shines and beaches right beside busy cities?


Pasadena, CA - It is the Old Hollywood. But no body remembers its name any more.

Hollywood - "Everybody comes to Hollywood~" Am I being magical?

Hollywood Cinema, Hollywood Boulevard
Parallel Hollywood Boulevard is the Sunset Boulevard. But I will appraise that "the Sun never set in the Sunset Boulevard." It is so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, especially the Beverley Hill section. 

Jurassic Park - You know where I was. 

Ferndale, CA - The person beside me is Hobart, a Nobel Prize Nominee of Art. He is a true artistic that devotes his life to art rather than money. He is a sincere and humble man. He also gave me some advice to deal with people.

San Jose, Silicon Valley - In 2000 you could see thousands of people filling in the city. Sadly to say, in 2002, Silicon Valley became a ghost town. But I strongly believe that one day it will re-vive again. 

Stanford University - It is one of my beloved university. Do not judge the building bases on its outlook, Stanford is very hi-tech! The interior is full of the latest designs and technologies. 

Pier 39, SFC - The island behind me is a prison. What a 360 degree ocean view!