United States - NYC


  It's my third time to New York. I was young back then so memories were light, but now I've grown to the age to enjoy the diversity and color of this big apple. Oh, I must admit - I love it, love it, love it. I love this charming City of Manhattan, every single drop of it. For me growing up without history, diversity has been a significant part of me. And in Manhattan, I saw so much colors that my heart really feels belong. Will it ever be my home? It is too soon, too soon to answer this question, but for sure, this won't be my last visit of it.
Witnessing the ball dropping on New Year's Eve in Times Square has been my dream of a life time. And this Yr2008 marks the 100th anniversary of this ball dropping. OMG, did it, been here, love every single moment of it. Yep, really really love it. The weather was so accommodating, a sweet five degree C, no clouds, no rain. Got there at noon, barricaded at 43-44th St., sweet 2 blocks directly from the ball, then no washroom for the next 12 hours. Millions and millions witnessed the moment world wide, and I was there LIVE along with other 750,000. Oh, made it, one of the unforgettable moments of my life. Oh, sweet life, thanks!

Me with my sweet bud, Bull. As long as he's by my side, I am  =).

Times Square.
Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

And Times Square again.

Morgan Stanley at Times Square. My uncle works there so got a sweet tour of the equity trading floor. Of course, I did dress up on that day.

I was there on the top of World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty.
The pic speaks for itself. The Statue of Liberty.

New York Stock Exchange. It is fenced all the way.

Central Park. The scene was beautiful.

On top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Cars run below me.

The Winter Garden at the World Financial Center.

Morningside Park beside the Columbia University. It is a really really beautiful and sanctuaried area. 
Peace Statue near Harlem. See the angle slaughter the devil.

Perseus with the Head of Medusa, by Antonio Canova. I saw one in Florenza as well, from different artist.

Sheridan Square at Christopher St.

The Guggenheim Museum.

Ground Zero, former WTC, future site of the Freedom Tower.
This Swarovski Star at Saks Fifth Ave is a rep of the one on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Room designed by famous George Nakashima. Incorporating nature to furniture. Quite exquisite.

MTV station at Times Squares. Was on air with Tila Tequila.
Wearing the crown of a Buddhist monk.

Staten Island city hall. Plz disregard my promotion of Vancouver there. =P
Young (nude) Hercules is standing right behind me.

Do you get sidetracked by the billboard behind Blue?
I am flying, over the Belvedere Castle at Central Park.
Apple Store at Fifth Avenue. One floor only, underground at the corner of Fifth Ave and 59th. Every square feet is very expensive there then...
Over looking the Jersey City.

The Starry Night, 1889. Rooted in imagination and memory of van Gogh.

Stone Street at the Financial District

On a ferry to the Financial District of Manhattan

Columbia University
12th St, 1 bedroom 1bathroom apt at $625K. I have no say whether it is expensive or cheap...