United States -Alaska


Alaskan cities are small; however, they are self-sustainable.  As a result, taking a walk across the city, you can experience the lives of Alaskan.  I once read a book about a young man living in Alaska for a year as an exchange student.  His experience was a harsh one as the severe winter weather created psychology change in human nature.  After reading his adventure, I don't think I want to live in Alaska but I will give my respect to people to survive in this environment.

Ketchikan, Alaska 

Alaska - The city I am standing on has a population of 800 in summer, but 400 in winter as kids and men  have to return back to school and work in the mainland USA. 

Juneau - The capital city of Alaska. The glacier is not that cold. See some youngsters are swimming.

Alaska Glacier - A picture taken from plane.