United States - Boston


  Boston, Massachusetts - it is a fine city with rich culture as every corner of the downtown brings you the history of American independency. Above all that one must mention the famous and most prestigious school in the world, the Harvard University, which is the very first college in the States established since 1636. Massachusetts also uniquely positions itself in the American political grid. It is the only state in the States to allow same-sex marriage and also the only state to held an universal healthcare system; promoting equality amongst people, one of the great central values constituting the United States of America.  

Night view of the downtown Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Surprisingly Boston is a rather small city. In 3-5 hours you can be done touring the downtown. 

Massachusetts, the birth place of John F. Kennedy. He had solved a major Cuban Missile Crisis in his tenure 2 yrs presidency. Quite impressive.
Breaking into Massachusetts State House?! Good I didn't get caught. Boston is an extremely safe city.

John Harvard, the founder of the prestigious Harvard University. You really played a major role shaping the world history.

Nano Tech Lab in MIT, here comes the future.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Boston was cold since where it locates. are you brave enough to skate on this Charles River? Don't bother... 


Trinity Church, the oldest church here in Boston.

A well spent memorable Christmas Eve here in a historic Trinity Church.

The Beacon Hill neighbourhood

The Back Bay neighbourhood
Boston is so full of the Old English beauty. Just

 feeling very exquisite and cultured here.

Harvard Law School. My uncle is a PhD here in Harvard, well, in medical school instead.

Tour the campaign route of Kennedy! 

The night scene in Boston is not that great. Hey, young man, focus back to your study!!! 

Boston underground system, like a bus driving underground.
Remembering a great president, John F. Kennedy.

Around the Prudential Center area.

Boston was just hit by a snow storm!  

Boston Publish Library