United States - Washington DC


  Washington, D.C. needless to say the capital of United States. The downtown central area is very clean and one will be awed by the enormous white marbled federal buildings in every city block.  
Standing at the Lincoln Memorial over watching the Washington Monument.

How great this man restored the backbone of America treating every human being equal and freed slavery.

U.S. Capital, the Center of DC and backbone of U.S.

Seal of the President of the United States of America

I was chased out of F.B.I. Building. Yep, they caught that I am an international spy.

The National Christmas Tree, in the yard behind the White House.

Standing on the Capital, over looking the Washington Monument.

Inside the Capital Congress painted the history of America. Toured the Gallery.

Modern Arts hall in the National Museum. Exhibit titled: "Young Man Tired, Recuperating" (2007) by Cliffie Chan, the Frank.

National Portrait Gallery.

Arlington Cemetery, the resting place for 300,000 American heros.

Minute after this pic a police car sirens: "it's your last warning, NO PIC OF THE PENTAGON!" Perhaps I was there on Saturday with relax schedule, polices do follow visitors walking around the building.!

The ever first flying machine built by Wright Brothers in original frame exhitbited here in the National Air and Space Museum.

New Year Symphony at National Gallery. Enjoyed piece from Nutcracker and Swan Lake, along with soprano and string solos.

Holocaust Museum. Another reason why we should always stand for others.

Ronald Reagan Building.

Old Postal House tower.

Red Cross

International Monetary Fund

Federal Treasure Building.
Glaring of Washington from behind makes the pic interesting.

An antenna above me. Direct orders from the Washington.

Am I Hot or Not...

African American Museum

National Archive. "What is Past is Prologue".

Skating Ring at the National Scripture Gallery

Botanic Garden rail track

Supreme Court of the States 

Mini Botanic Garden display in Botanic Garden

Comedy show in DC. 

Love DC. People party party party.

Metro System

Seats are so comfy