Austria has been synonymous with the Hapsburgs, Europe's most influential and long-lasting dynasty. They retained power for 700 years (1218-1918). At the height of the Austria's glory, its great emperors controlled lands from Spain to Poland and from Holland to modern-day Romania. Many of the historical offerings and traditions are left over in Vienna when it was the seat of the Hapsburgs' powerful empire. 


Mozats Geburtshaus (Mozart's Birthplace) - Mozart became famous when he was 8, and was sent to the King!

Look at these display hangers in front of the Austrian stores. They express the store's personality, uniquely found in Austria. 

Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg - the birthplace of Mozart. It is where the "Sound of Music" filmed. The State Opera House of Vienna. 

  Schwarzsee Lake, Kirchberg - Kirchberg  is a winter skiing resort town. Although it is small, it is an excellent place for relaxation, even in summer. 

Residenz zu Salzburg, Salzburg - The residence of Mozart. This garden and castle are scenes of the "Sound of Music" .

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Austria famous: Swarovski Crystal chatelaine.

Water Palace - the whole aquatic garden is a tremendous work of art. Hidden grottos are every where and you will always get wet unexpectedly.
Street painting in Salzburg. (Danke = Thank)
Salt Mine, Salzburg - The whole City and Province take name of this Salt Manufacturer, the famous one in Austria and Europe. Look! The orange and white stones on the wall are highly concentrated salts. Salt Mine, Salzburg - I took train, lift, slides, and boat to get inside and explore the salt mining technology. It is quite interesting and knowledgeable. 


Kitzbuhel - I took 1.5 hours walk to Kitzbuhel from Kirchberg, but I enjoy the river view along the bank.



Swarovski Crystal World - The famous crystal manufacturer on the world must be the Swarovski of Austria. Even the entrance of the crystal world is unique and attractive. This crystal is as big as my head! But it is only one minor exhibition of the crystal world. Price Check: Swarovski crystal in Canada are of similar price, but more collections are sold in Austria.