Austria 2


June 6, 2009, my birthday, Wien, Sunny.

"I am writing this journal at the heritage site Belvedere Palace, a summer resident of Prince Eugene. Not only I am glistening my sight with the beautiful garden and palace, but also I am listening to my favorite songs: Ave Maria, Pensiro Stupendo, Bleeding Love... At the moment, I realize that LIFE SOMETIMES CAN BE PERFECT. and I am definitely enjoying the moment. =).
  I can't predict what my future will be, my next birthday or the next... Just that I am living my life (involving building a good career, a possible family (?), etc ) That will be what I can wish for. =) "

B-day cake
The place I wrote my travel journal at the Belveder Garten. Age is a special number to remind us to make each moment counted and I am sure that special hour sitting on the bench will always be in my memory.
    Oberes Belveder
       Belveder Garten 

Walking all over the downtown of Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral at Stephansplatz, Austria's most important gothic building. Too bad this tour I am not into churches anymore, so don't know any significance of this.
Vienna's most exclusive shopping street, the Kohlmarkt, on which the most luxurious brands lie.
Mozart's memorial at the Hofburg Garten, the

imperial palace garden of the Habsburg Empire.

Parlament of Republik Osterreich

Rathaus, City Hall of Wien in Gothic style

Hofburg (15th Century), the Imperial Palace for important rulers including the Habsburg Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Empire of Austria, and the now seat of the Austrian Federal President.
pose well!

Naturhist Museums. There are lots of museums in Vienna.

Show house (could be a brothel, j/k), this fusion of modern and old architectural design is so beautiful. 

Many alleys break the big building block into pieces. Snoop around, you may find a picturesque corner.

Wiener Prater, a free amusement park! 

-> You can discover old castle ruin date back to 13th century under the Hofburg.

Opera toilet which you pee on red hot lips, (like you've never experienced it...)

Children picnic at S.Freud Park, to me only one is a cutie.


Schonbrunn Palace, a royal resident listed in World Heritage in 1996. The palace and gardens illustrate the tastes, interests, and aspirations of successive Habsburg monarchs. It is a unique tourist attraction in Vienna as the palace and garden are away from the main town. As result, you can experience the vast open green field and fresh air especially after days exploring the packed main town area.

Gloriette, was to be designed to glorify Habsburg's power.

-> Beautiful armor statue just like ones in St. Seiya. 

The great garden of Schonbrunn is very structured, with tree walls, tree tunnels, rose garden, a bush maze, a zoo, etc. You will also find Obelisk, Roman Ruin, and a famous Neptune Well.

The Roman Ruins was erected to symbolise both the decline of once great powers and the preservation of the remains of a heroic past.

Behind the Neptune Well. "Schonbrunn" means "beautiful well", as such the back garden constructed a beautiful fountain/well.

Always street festivals in the summer

Saturday night 4:00 in the morning, people bus home after club.

Old Town

Old town club area

Near Mariahilfer StraBe, where I stayed and clubbed


Mariahilfer StraBe, a long shopping street. Fun for modern people watching.

Naschmarkt, long street of food stands, various cuisines. Oh, yummy!

Too stylish to read the street name, so I often got lost. Well, traveller...

Technical University. With the graffiti, you bet Wieners love arts more.
Generally Wien's architect are new with modern fusion.