Revisit in 2011

First visit in 2003

Belgium's history has contributed to its rich diversity: The Romans, Celts, Spanish, Austrians, French, and Dutch all occupied Belgium at one time or another, and each culture left its mark. The country is surround by Netherlands, France, and Germany, so Dutch, French, and German are all official languages of the country. Since Belgium is so multicultural and multilingual, it becomes the headquarter of the Euro-Alliance. Well, what should we do in Belgium? Of course you must taste the so-rich chocolates. It is where chocolates were born.

Manneken Pis, Brussels - Don't piss on my head!!! Bruggu - A river city in Belgium.


Tiny cars, like Smarts, are everywhere in Europe since most roads were built prior the existence of automobile.

            Grand-place Grote Markt, Brussels.
Another view of the Grand-place Grote Markt.