Britain (2003)


In England, you are never more than a few miles from a ruined castle, a majestic country house, a secluded chapel, or a monastery. This has made England a good introduction to study the history. You may also discover the prehistoric trace of the famous megalithic circles of Stonehenge, which is one of the mysterious wonders of the world. 
The Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, and The Westminster Bridge.  London Tower Bridge & the River Thames - This gothic bridge with twin lifting sections and suspension approaches has become a riverside landmark.


Marvel at the mysterious Moai on Easter Island.


Front of The Tower of London - Isn't that teddy bear lovely? I just saw one selling in Vancouver. 


Soho - A place to grab beers, to take a break from work, or to watch movies. Look! The Incredible Hunk is here!!!!

British Museum - I just had a great lecture on coins. The coins that this young gentleman displays date back to the Rome period, more than 2000 years old!


This set of ancient gold coins worth 3 Million Pounds, equivalent to 6.2 Million Canadian dollars.


London Eye - As the world's highest Ferris Wheel, it reaches up to 450 ft above the Thames. You can see the Big Ben behind.

Southwark Cathedral - meet a group of students having summer holiday field trip.  The Buckingham Palace - See the British flag is hanging up there. Indicating that the Queen is inside the castle! 


Met a funny couple on the Millennium Bridge of London. This bridge links the financial city with the south bank.

The Victoria Memorial in front of the Buckingham Palace.

'To be or not to be..." Behind me is the famous Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Hay's Gallery beside the River Thames.

The actual props used in Shakespeare's play back in time.

Aren't these taxis cute? They CHARGE a lot!

HMS Belfast - After 30 years of service, this 11,500 tons battle cruiser becomes a floating naval museum. Golden Hinde - This Sir Francis Drake's ship had circumnavigated the globe. But now it will rest and permanently stay in the heart of London.


Just read the words! Although Princess Diana passed away, the passion of her still lives here in London.


Nelson Column.

Getting on the back of the Lion is not easy! It is so high and slippery.  The ancient Greek building exhibited in the British Museum.