Of all the major cities in Canada, the one I love the most is Vancouver. It is not only because of its weather, but also the people in Vancouver are very nice.  Well, general speaking, all the Canadians are very nice.

Whistler - home of 2010 Winter Olympics.

Bastion Square, Victoria - it reminds me of my travel in Europe. The outdoor catering is quite classy, at least to me.

My ride with a bear in Whistler.

The Empress Hotel, Victoria

British Columbia Parliament, Victoria - The Statue behind me is Queen Victoria.


Whistler Village

Aboriginal Masterpiece displaced in Vancouver Airport - It is the same statue printed at the back of the Canadian $20.

Waterfront, the downtown scenery of Victoria.


Pirate/Sail Ship Festival, Waterfront, Victoria.

  Lake Louise - A high mineral-concentrated lake that kills all the bacteria. That's why the lake is so so blue.


Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver - I was shaking......

Druimelor - The largest collection of the dinosaur fossils was found here near Druimelor, Alberta.


Bastion Square, Victoria - this place remind me of Europe where I have missed a lot.

Queen Victoria 60 year Jubilee Glass Monument - an interesting scene should be emphasized on the BC flag in which the sun is on top of the British flag.



Queen Victoria standing in front of the BC Coat of Arms.- As a matter of fact, the BC flag was a mistake in showing the sun sets in British empire.

Freedom Goddess for Spain.

Niagara Falls - The world's widest fall. It is still expanding year by year.

Undersea Garden, Victoria - a great aquarium.



Hallow Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver - except this tree, all others grow up straight. Isn't it Hallowed?

Fan Ton Alley, Victoria.



Canadian Glacier - There are lots of glaciers in Canada, and this one locates in Northern Edmonton.

Bastion Square, Victoria.


      Thousand Islands - Each island has its own story. It is quite thrilling to listen to thousand stories.