April 2019

This time I am in Paris for a brief work trip. So we just have enough time for a fancy meal and a quick night tour of the Fabulous Five (Eiffel, Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc, Sacre Coeur).

Seafood platter. The signature is the French cancer pagurus (麵包蟹) which has so much cream.

We dine at Cafe de la Paix. Due to the yellow vest riot, the restaurant has quite some empty tables on a Sunday.

Opera house.

de Louvre.

Eiffel Tower.

2 weeks after the visit, Notre Dame was under fire.

Arc de Triumphe.

de Louvre pyramid.

Sacre Coeur.

Moulin Rouge.



France is a spot full of diversified architectural design. Every century and empire have left its mark and added a new facet to Today's  France: The Romans, Medieval Religious, Gothic, and Renaissance. France is the heart of Europe and Paris is the heart of France. Ones cannot claim to be in Europe without a visit to Paris. Paris represents the height of fashion, art, and food - its sense of style is so strong that it intimidates the whole Europe and foreign visitors. 

du Louvre - The King's palace of Louis XII and prior. Now it becomes a national museum. Arc de Triumphe - This arc is to appraise 500 solders who won the battle. And the song carved under the arc has become the France national anthem. 

Paris City view from Eiffel Tower. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Meseum - Where it exhibit the famous Mona Lisa.


Wing of Victory, Musee National du Louvre. 


Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) - Yeah! I am taller.

Nice - Isn't the sense nice? Cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms - This church marks the center of the Paris City. Named the Point Zero.
Chateau de Versailles - This chateau was built under the Louis XIV, XV, & XVI period. The statue is Louis XIV, who I very admire. Chateau de Versailles.
Mirror House, Chateau de Versailles. Arc de Triumphe. 


Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) - It is 3 feet shorter than the Tokyo Tower. Well, I've been to both of them.


Perfume Manufactory. Too bad I could not find my favorite perfume firm, the Polo Blue.


Napoleon First - Beginning of the Napoleon Kingdom. 

A parliament house in Paris.

Champs Elysee - The famous shopping area in the world!

A Theatre in the Paris City center.
The Hall of Battles, Chateau de Versailles - This hall records all the battles France faced during the Louis Dynasty. Baie des Anges (Angel Bay) - This bay is very long. I spent 15 minutes ride along this shore.
Mediterranean Sea at Nice - The water is so cold; no one dares to stay in for a minute.

Egypt tomb exhibited in de Louvre.

La Fayett - Paris is a shopping paradise. I love it!!! Price Check: buying made-in-France brands in France is 10-15% cheaper than buying in foreign countries. 

The history of Eiffel tower.


Musee National du Louvre - This museum is the second largest museum I had ever visit, after Washington Museums in District of Columbia, US.

Vieille Ville (Old Town) - A shopping street in Nice.


Sacre Coeur

Another view of La Fayett, the Paris brand center.


Though the French buildings look classic, the inside decorations are modern, as seen in the hotel lobby.

Paris hotels aren't like those in the North America, they retain the classis look of the Louis period.

Seine River Shore.

The Park under the Eiffel Tower.

Toures les France - A bike race commenced  under the Eiffel Tower on the day of my arrive to Paris.

A Cliff beside Mediterranean Sea, close to Nice.


Avignon - This old town is shelled by walls. The church behind me had imprisoned two popes for 70 years, since at that period the Franch King was more powerful than the popes.

                 Right under me is an underground shopping center. The largest one in Paris.

Chateau de Versailles.

The beginning of the famous Des Champs Elysees.

TGV -  The fastest train in the world, powered by magnetic. Soon Shanghai will claim the title.

France Modern Arts Museum.


Below is actually a Metro Station.

Renee Descartes - a great philospher.