The Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, and less than a year later, the two Germanys were reunited. The differences between the east and the west are still distinct. That is where the diversity in Germany comes from. Today, united Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe.
Rupredit Karl Universitat, Heidelberg - The first university ever in Germany. Munchen (Munich) - Downtown of Munich. Another great shopping center in Germany.

A church on the mountain in St. Gore - A night view on the shore of the Rhine River.

Heidelberg - As a respect to this university, the City Heidelberg was safe during wars and battles.


Neuschwanstein, Fussan - Building this castle had used up all the German federal reserves plus additional foreign debts. However, the King Ludwig II had lived there for less than 100 days before he was exiled. Looking back to his history, he was not a great King what so ever.


Rupredit Karl Universitat - The university was built as a castle.


Neuschwanstein, Fussan - This royal castle is the live size model of the Disney castle.


Frauenkirche - The Munich City mark.

Olympic Stadium in Munich. New Town Hall & Marienplatz, Munich - It is where the yearly beer competition host. By the way, you can see the Frauenkirche church on the left corner.
BMW museum - I did not see many BMW's, but plenty of Mercedes Benz. In Europe the places I visited, close to 80% of all the taxis are Mercedes. Fussan mini car. FC 100.


Swan outside the Olympiastadon.


Beer Barrel, Heidelberg - This barrel is 8-10m high.


One must at least drink a beer in Germany.