Mediterranean Sea - A picture taken inside a tour bus.


Italy is full of artistic and architectural wonders. The exploration of the history and the lesson in enjoying and living well have explain what are so fascinating about Italy. Living in Italy will bring you to the ancient world that you have never experience before. 


Foro Romano - These ancient constructions have lasted over 2000 years.
Basillia San Marco & Piazza San Marco, Venezia - This church engraves the corpse of St. Marco. Six hundred years were used up to finish the mosaic ceiling of this church. Also the interior is amazing.

Colosseo - This complex is at least 2000 years old. 
Venezia - Let's ride on the Gondola.

The sport of combat was banned during the 6th century.

The city of Venice is always under reconstruction.

Julius Caesar - A dictator but consolidated the empire.

Venice street market.

Another Arc in front of the Colosseo. Palazzo Vecchio - Panoramic view of Firenze (Florence).
The white area on this map was the height of the area span of the Rome Empire. The Roman Empire, born in what is now Italy, ruled portions of Europe, Africa and Asia for almost 700 years (from 202 BC until AD 476). Now you know why Rome called themselves the center of the Earth.

Duomo (St. Mary's Big Church) - The building technique of this church is fine and amazing. (Florence)

Monument Vittorio Emanuele The bridge behind me is a gold market. (Florence)
Pantheon - Church for all Gods. The ceiling of this church was built using the igloo technique, no interior beam was used. If I say this was built during the 5th century, will you believe it?  ... The Rome Empire was so civilized!

David was jailed!!! Actually the city hall behind him was under reconstruction. (Florence)


 The grave of Michelangelo.



Twelve years were consumed building this golden door. (Florence)


Spanish Stair - 34 degree Celsius under the Sun, no wonder people hide under the shade. PS, I was one of them. 

A corner of a shopping street of Firenze. Brands products are relatively cheap there. 

Fontana de Trevi - Soldiers were used to toss a coin here before they went to battles. (Rome) A restaurant between Florence and Milano. Watching the sunset in this gorgeous scenery is one of the invaluable memories that I will never forget.

Foro Romano. 

Campanile di Pisa - A church in Italy is a composition of 4 constructions. The dome and the Pisa Tower are two of them. The remaining are the church and the cemetery.


Campanile di Pisa - Believe it or not. Some says it will fall in the coming 100 years.

As a matter of fact, Pisa Tower is a bell tower.


Assisi - Each building in this city is at least 1000 years old. San Francis Church, Assisi.
A normal metro in the Rome City. The current economy of Italy is relatively poor.

A Wine City near Milan.

Do you ever know that Venice is the best place in Italy to watch the sun-rise? Do you know that Roma is the best place in Italy to watch the sun-set?
A gulf of Italy, near the border of France. Sunflowers field in Italy.