I have been to the Netherlands in 2003 and 2011.  The first time I was being a tourist.  The second time was about escape; a gift to myself after I settled down in Europe.


My first ever naturalist experience, here at Scheveningen Beach, Den Haag.

The weather was very unstable. But I did manage to enjoy half day of sun, despite the wind and cold.

Aug 8, 2011, a night walk of the Amsterdam before heading back to London the next day. Night shot, always romantic...   iso 800, f/3.4, 2s exposure.

Canal Pride 2011

One of the reasons to visit Amsterdam is for the canal pride. This is one of the top ten festive events of the world. Glad I was there. =P

Aug 6, 2011.

The floats, decored on a boat, sailed on the canals of Amsterdam. Quite a unique sight. One down side is that you can only be a spectator, fixed on a spot and can't join into the parade.

I managed to meet people to watch the pride with me. Sean and Tosin, thx!

'Tis the spot we watched the parade, front row right at the entrant.

Beautiful brothers from Verona.

Beautiful young men sitting behind me.

Proud to serve.

We all wanted a ride. =P
I had a tenth dose of mushroom that would stimulate visual illusion effect. It is legal. Of course with the minimal intake, that has no effect on me.

It was just a fun try; I am never addicted to drug. ;-)



If you think of Netherlands as a green field full of river canals, you will be in for a surprise. I will admit that the country sides are fields of tulips and windmills, but the Amsterdam has lovely gabled houses, priceless paintings, and cheery people. It also has coffee shops selling cannabis and prostitutes touting their wares from behind picture windows. Back to the past, Netherlands had experienced a Golden Age (1580-1740) during which the arts flourished. And now it has emerged as one of the most open and socially progressive countries in Europe.

Layer of bridges in Amsterdam. If you have a chance of seeing the Amsterdam map, you will notice that one out of two streets is a river.
Volendam - Windmills have marked the symbol of Netherlands.


Naitonal Museum and the Van Gogh Museum - the VG museum stores the world's most expensive painting, the Sunflowers.
Under the Amsterdam city laws, ones cannot demolish their house. They are the World's Natural Heritage.

Heineken - This world famous brand was founded in here Netherlands.

Bike Park in Amsterdam Central - As roads are narrow in Netherlands, traffic jams are expected. There is no doubt that bikes have become the most popular transportation in Netherlands.