I went to Spain mainly to visit the Le Merce Festival and also the amazing Barcelona architectural style.

Le Merce Festival is the biggest annual festival in Barcelona of catalonis, Spain, held on 24th of September.

Antoni Gaudi (1852–1926) had differentiated Barcelona from its neighbor cities! His works had people in awe! Amongst the famous is this Sagrada Familia (still WIP).
         Le Merce Festival

Some of the most important features of the festival include “giants” parade, known as gegants i capgrossos; the Castell (human tower) competition; a popular dance from Empordà: the Sardana; a special correfoc, a parade display featuring synchronized fireworks

Castell (human tower)

These are little giant in the parade. very cute!
Sardana. The Catalonia dance

Gegants i capgrossos. Giants' parade.

Dodge! Like a riot! A madness!

Correfoc. Firework displays.

How I protect myself!

They call it Hell's Gate! firework parade.


The main contributor reshaping barcelona is Antoni Gaudi. Much of his work was marked by his life passions: architecture, nature, religion and love for Catalonia. His technique covers ceramics, stained glass, wrought ironwork forging and carpentry.
Casa Batlló, restored by Antoni Gaudí. The locals call it the House of Bones as it depicts the skulls and bones of the victims of a dragon (roof).

Casa Lleó Morera, a modernism building designed by  Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

The salamander in Park Güell has become a symbol of Gaudí's work.

It won't be completed in the next 30 years! My thought was: the world has changed much since 1882, is religion still a huge part in the Spanish society?

All these architects locate at the Park Güell, by Gaudi. I felt like walking into fairy tale land full of color and imagination!
Palau Güell, detail of the entrance

Casa Amatller, modernisme style by Josep Puig i Cadafalch

Sagrada Familia, construction since 1882


         September 25, 2011.  What is more better to enjoy a heat wave than a sun bathing at San Sebastian.
My territory

Some nude bathers here too!

         Other aspects of the city

Beautiful narrow road at Jaume at Barri Gotic (Old Town). 

Seeing how the local did social dance in a night club. I then realize I am in Spain. =P

Wow, I learn so much of Picasso in the Picasso Museum!

Music fountain at Pl. Espanya. I wrote 5 postcards there! Sharing the moments with friends.

Address from Town Hall for the Le Merce Festival.

Iberians ham. Yummy!

Fresh seafood. I had paella and tapas! Yummy!
         September 26, 2011. Sunny, Barcelona

Was it because I had too much excitement on the Le Merce Festival yesterday, I feel so lonely today?

I went to the Barcelona Beach again, a third time in this trip. There is no more excitement. I don't want to step foot on the Old Town again. Feel like I want to go home, back to London... This trip was to get me escape the job hunting stress, but weird that loneliness does strike me.

It was good that despite the distance, many friends whatsapp'd and messaged me. Pulling a safety net as I fall... Thanks!

It was a 30 minute walk on the top of the city wall walkway fencing the old city. It was nice to understand the small living quarter of the 15th-17th century. Life is definitely simpler and less crowd back then.
An alley of El Call (the Jewish quarter). Jews lived here during the 10th-15th century, in a small knitted group.
The picturesque complexes along the Onyar River, like red and yellow matchboxes stack together.