"Switzerland is almost too perfect: spectacular Alpine scenery, cozy mountain chalets, dazzling ski runs, flower boxes spilling over with geraniums, tidy cities set on serene lakes, elegant grand hotels, punctual trains and people." Through out the year, June to September are the perfect mouths for travel. The other months Switzerland is covered with white snow and is a perfect place for skiing.

Old Swiss House -  A very famous restaurant in front of the Lion Monument. Lauterbrunnen - This group of teenagers are waiting for a high school band concert. 

Wengen - A beautiful resort area for the Swiss.

Lucerne Bridge - There are two special characteristics for this bridge: the tower is a prison and the bridge painted the history of Europe and Lucerne. 

Lion Monument, Lucerne - This dying lion carved into  the natural rock is in memory of the Swiss heros who gave their lives to protect the France King, Louis XI. Ice Palace - I am 20 meters under the Aletsch Glacier. The glacier is harder than rocks and very slippery.
Jungfraujoch - It is so windy up on the peak of the Alps. I could not even stand straight, or else I'll be blown away!
Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe. Although it boasts the top of Europe, it is actually the highest mount of the Alps, second of Europe. But it is already very very high.
Jungfraujoch - I stole the flag from the kiosk behind me! (Just kidding.) Jungfrau (4158m) - The peak above my left hand is the highest mount of the Alps, the Jungfrau 4158m.


Lauterbrunnen - This place has the most beautiful sceneries on Earth. The composition of green and white mountains, cliff, water falls, and rivers are gorgeous. They're so beautiful!


A rich resident area - Each house is furnished with many colorful flowers.