Vatican City


Vatican is the smallest country in the world that has only 0.44 kilometer square, yet it is the most wealthy country in unit per capita. Being the home of Catholic Religion, it is politically neutral as it only specks the words of God. If you are a believer of Jesus, you will never get bored examining each piece of treasures stored in the Museum of Vatican. These treasures are what made the country so valuable. Like the works of Michelangelo, The Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam, may reach billions.

Spiral Stairs - I just love the design. It is so beautiful. 

Vatican City Wall - The Vatican City is surrounded by 10 meters of  wall. Since it is an independent country, I had a security check every time I enter the gate.  


The Creation of Adam - Michealangelo used 30 years painted the Bible in this roof!!! A marvelous job painted by the world's most famous artist for half of his life, the background meaning is worth more than any monetary value!!!

The inside of St. Peter's Cathedral - It is so magnificent! The Pope sit in that magnificent chair just once a year to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

St. Peter's Cathedral - The largest church in the world. I am standing in the front of the St. Peter Cathedral. This church engraves almost all the popes. Vatican Guards - Do you find their costumes colorful? They are designed by Michelangelo. 


Spiral Stairs 


Painted Ceiling - Michelangelo had spent 30 years painting the ceiling of Vatican City.


Treasures from Vatican City


Boundary - I am half way in Vatican City, half way in Rome. 


Another Treasure - Well, the whole Vatican is full of treasures. All of them relate to God.