FC Random Pictures


My life during 06 and 07.  Behind the happiness of course hidden tears and sweats. The trick is to purge the sadness and leave the good ones. Unless you've got amnesia, it's easier said than done. =D





See ya, Vancouver

See ya, Seattle

It was snowing hard in Whistler.

5 min after I witnessed this, I was in an accident on I5. 

How creative am I dressed as a show boy?

Another side trip to Seattle. Halloween night.

Shanghai Kid.

Another side trip to Seattle

The Vancouver Club

My friend, very intelligent, follows his heart to be the top notch dessert chef.

Me helping out with the community work.

Vancouver Pride

Another side trip to Seattle.

Sweet taboo.

Sweet Sweet.

Since I was 10 I've listened to 似水流年 (The Years Flow Like Water). Looking back, pain and happiness are matters of the past. Though we drift without knowing the future, we just need to row on.

First time kayaking, canoeing, & camping. Survived days under the pouring rain and hard core paddling.

Life in Vancouver. So relax.

Enjoyed the day with my cousins.

I was in pain due to spinal cord injury. Escaping work suddenly feels way better.

Moved to an ex-executive office in Phillips Hager North Investment. Precisely once Bob Hager's office. But for me it's Ken Kesey's Cuckoo's Nest.

Went backpacking

with this group of adventurous people.

Swam in an underground lake.

<- You may not see from the pic, but we were hitchhiking on the 4 lane highway in Mexico. Hopped to a van later.
First Day Last Day

Pride =).  
World Cup 06 Final 

Canada Day Salmon Festival Parade 06. My job there was to hand out flags. It was fun. 

Obviously Italia won!

My ex-office.

Pumpkin carving party at Tara's house. Wanted to carve Garfield, but turned out as a rabbit.

Sun Run.


Sun Run Expo, 06, manned HSBC.