Work and Life in Hong Kong


Work and travelling have been major parts of my life in Hong Kong. Compare to the local Hong Kong people, I do have a better work life balance. Though I remained single, I have lined up events and detox moments. And most importantly, I have great quality friends, more than I ask for. Thanks!





July 1, 2011, my friends prepared me a last-gathering-before-moving-to-London at Macau. Went dinning, clubbing, gambling. Eleven of us slept at one room at Mandarin Oriental. What a memory. I am really really touched. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Went to Shangri-la, Yunnan, China, with Alice on her birthday. The logs for the pillars of this Tibetan temple had grew for 1200 years. Embracing the pillar would be already a tremendous blessing. Thanks.

We all cooked for friends.

On my birthday, I had a walk from the peak to the Victoria Peak. Originally planned it as a cleansing walk, but my heart was so serene for the day there wasn't anything to cleanse at all. =)

I hosted a gathering at the Ladies' Recreational Club to appreciate my friends being in my life through out my 3 years in Hong Kong. It was good and chilled.

Date: Sunday June 5, 2011
Time: 2:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Pool deck, LRC, 10 Old Peak Road
Theme: "Summer Serenity"

My friend Rupert lent me his yacht, so I organized a trip with my friends. It was a relax life style; I was purely happy.

Went hiking on QingMing Day. For decades, finally I learn to accept my history.

Escaped to Donsol, Philippines, with Arthur for whale-shark and fireflies. MMM. 

I am very happy with my life in 2010-11 partly becoz of these 2 wonderful bosses, Edmund and Connie.

Boys tour SE Asia. Backpack from Saigon> Cambodia> Laos> BKK, all overland bus & train. What a great journey. =D
New year with Dougie, Charles & Edmund->

In Beijing for an SOE M&A. What's more, I had dinner with military head and member of the NPC. We ate wawa fish... 

I kindda lead the pre-IPO advisory of this mushroom/ veggie cannery group. It was a cool one. =P

Halloween 2010 with friends, Janet and Arthur, in Oktoberfest. I was in masquerade costume, but you can call me "Prince".
<-2010 b-day with commercial and full nudity shots.

My other escape to Europe in May 2010. The main purpose of this trip is mostly to meet friends and to party. Then it initiated a change in my life.

In Xiamen on a fashion retail co M&A. This deal has enriched my exposure.

Rachmaninov, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. I haven't been to a dancing club for a whole month in early 2010, but rather spent time in quieter aspect of life.

India trip with my colleagues.

Eurailed Europe before 2X. It was such fantastic. Youth, I've lived several times.  =D

Croquet at my friend's event. My friend Edmund.

Macau trip 2009 with my colleagues.

A needed escape to Guangzhou, a bit tired from work.
Tulou, Fujian escape

Visited Guangxi while my sis is visiting Asia.
My first time ever went for Chinese charm fortune telling, questioning about love in 2009. Received the following Charm 91. Positive Charm!

Then I remained single thru the year. fooled...

Guilin escape

My holiday season was swamped with work. Two months of post mid-nite OT's and crappy din's, finally we sold 870 to 2882. What a job! =D

Somehow I feel that my life has gone to a new stage as we step into 2009. Hope it is a good year for all of us! Happy new year, my friends.

Site visit.

Went to a secret village with secret garden in an extremely remote part of Saikong. What I saw was so original, like western kids live and play messily in a very traditional HK village. Def not a scene I usually come across with.

Halloween 2008 in HK.

I am a bit senior for it. But it's wonderful to be kid again for a day at HK Disney. =P

South Bay Beach Club. thx for my friend, I am a part of 50 ppl private party on a remote beach. Cool~ (Club closed 3 days after our visit...)

The Grande focus of the tour to Cambodia, Angkor Wat. It's stunningly magnificent!

Macau casino tour with my colleagues. What I meant is real casino tour. We spent 2 days hopping from casino to casino. I didn't gamble but it's quite an unique experience. =D

Pushing the envelop of my colleague, Alfred. We are like couple, eh? 

To run a healthy life, it may be critical to take a rest and find serenity. This week I am having salad and sandwich on my own at Hong Kong Park. 

Beijing Olympics 2008 - Equestrian in HK!

Me and Rupert, at the peak on a signal 8 typhoon. Dare devils... def an extraordinary day, well counted.

Even days after the event, looking at the pic, I can smile from the heart. I was truly happy.

Pink Tram Party

Mr. Hottie, ME.

I am in a Dutch bulletin, with Rob and Steph. I was in chains of chamber events.

B-day celebration with my colleagues.

Dragon boat boat chain party with Amy.

Sharon, organizer for this Fundraiser Night for Nepal orphanage.

A brief trip to GuangZhou. The trip opened my eyes as I finally conceptualized the meaning of "China as the World's Factory", and I saw just a small part of it.

Rural residency in GuangZhou.
I had no will to travel, but had to visit Beijing. So there I was, in Beijing, travelled a bit and visited some friends. In this trip, it is the not-so-comfortable experience that carves the deepest memories, and I realized more of how good Vancouver really is. During this trip I met my friends and had conversations with some Stay-in-China English teachers. We're all similar in leaving somewhere good to pursue changes. Some felt excitement and some were disappointed. I haven't yet experienced much to make a conclusion. 

Near Kerry Center Shangri-la.

Olympic Stadium.
The top priority for me moving to Hong Kong is career. Nonetheless, I experienced the Chinese family bond.

Luckily 'tis CNY most of my cousins are in HK. I've never met them for many many years!
<- A 100+ y.o. Goddess Temple. My grandparents must visit it every CNY.