Re-discover Hong Kong


  After the stay in London, I returned back to Hong Kong to focus on career life as China is, alas, the global economic power house during the era. Within 2012 to 2017, I've added some maturity in thinking, yet I've kept my heart young. In 2016, I got enlightened and understood the meaning of life. My heart becomes so peaceful and tranquil and my view of the world becomes clearer. Anyhow, traveling, works, health, and gatherings with friends are my main highlight of the period. Then I am ready to enter the next stage of my life... fatherhood. <3  
My last trip before becoming a father during the Christmas and New Year of 2017. Glad Edmund and Caxton were traveling with me in Myanmar. The highlight is of course Bagan and Inle Lake

Stayed in UNESCO heritage village of Shirakawa-go and witnessed Takayama autumn festival
2016 I went to gym 3~4 times a week; was in Taiwan for rejuvenation; volunteered only once; explored HK localities on most weekends.

Summer 2016 was in Vancouver for my sis wedding and meeting my friends. Met up Florian to explore Seattle. Ode to family and friends.
I changed job and then was sent to Chengdu and Chongqing for short trips. The pandas and spicy food are what I enjoyed the most. Love them! 

I went to London for Christmas and New Year 2016. Then Ric Ric joined in and we explored Slovenia and Croatia. Another great memory.
Right after submitting the listing application, I flew to Boracay for a 4 day water sport trip. Thanks Ken for coming with me. We tried parasailing, helmet diving, jet ski, was cool.

Completed Project Cake.
I joined a Chinese ibank. Workload was more than my previous job. For a month I've been spending time with this crowd working on the prospectus. It was a tough time, but still a good memory.

In this new job, more than half of my time was traveling... Here is my DD trip to Yali River, the border of China and North Korea. I didn't expect visiting so.
I am in between job, so vacationing Russia and preparing for Project Santino. Great to meet Olga. =D

Fairy-tale birthday gathering. Thanks for my friends. It is great to reconnect.
First time to Australia (and the continent). It wasn't that impressive considering where I came from. But I enjoyed the animal encounters, suburb journey and the Mardi Gras.

My upcoming IPO is on transmission and smart city at Shanghai area. So let me do some learning and travelling. (PS: Later I changed job, so handle lots of other IPOs...)
Christmas @ Sabah for turtle nesting/ hatching. Experienced nature, life's miracle and human kindness. Thx.

Jan 16, 2015. Completed another IPO. Yeah! I worked on this for 3 yrs. I'm happy yet sad as it's an end of a chapter of my life.
Went to Taipei with high school friends. Thx!

I had quite a few fun filled parties. Thx!
Despite Cansu and Florian left HK, I joined fun activities of their ~20 y.o. pals. Really thank Ahmud for invitation tho my age (not look) is def out of their range. Haha. I do learn lots of fun stuff from them, like alcohol snacks and my first time trying "Space Cake". Not that I am encouraging people to try, but I am glad I had mine with a safe group of friends. I'm breaking my nut-shell. Haha. Then for rest of the time, I mostly go hiking and exploring the nature of HK. Enjoying life in a subtle way.
I am grateful that I still have good friends to celebrate birthday with me. Thanks! X

Off to Thailand for Project Santino. Trip is very fruitful. Then escape to Koh Samed for beach and sun shine. My soul is so stable, peaceful and calm. Really thank for my friends and parents.
I was again on a Japan work trip, which coincided with the cherry blossom season. It was so beautiful and I was so happy. Thanks all those who made my trip and life so enjoyable. xxx.
At the same time I was saddened that my good friend, my life mentor, Dr. Charles Farthing passed away. Thank you for the kindness and friendship. Cheers, Cliffie, x.

My up coming IPO deal is a Japanese firm. So of course have paid for trip(s) to Japan. Yeah.
On January 8, 2014, I finally accomplished my first IPO deal which I co-led. I wasn't doing it for the sake of money or pride, but instead to mark an achievement to my life's experience. This pic represents my two years of brain work and efforts. I am in joy and gratitude.

Had an "investment, pray, love" trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. Then, had no investment nor love, but a beautiful soul cleansing at Borobudur.
Yet again, I am having another fantabulous summer. Joy with friends, work achievement, family time, life investment, OMG moments... mmm... Simply fantabulous.
My birthday gathering 2013. 'Tis my first time smashing a piņata, being tipped as a striper and serving cake on my body. But most importantly 'tis my first time linking charity to my birthday. I shall start to give more. Despite all these joyous moments, incidents that made my birthday touched would be getting a birthday email and having a simple cake at McCafe. Happiness can be just as simply as that. = )
Completed Project Roar.

Spent my birthday over-night at my ancestral temple with dad.



隨工访谈仁化县, 遇闲攀登巴寨山, 虽县不像乡般寂, 喻山还有峰比高;

繁与烦待久也静, 虚和需淡来已清, 尽管县活存轻松, 遗憾城结欲难移;

生在祖国南方珠, 活过欧美天域城, 我脚隨著世界行, 谁心願在平地留;

数天县务将完结, 千里城路须开始, 应知该归繁忙日, 只忆曾活纯朴梦.



Florian, thanks for keeping my life balanced with scenic walks in HK and GD.  


Work trip to rural China->

A three days refreshing Victoria trip. It is good to catch up with a friend there, who accompanied me all days driving me around for the scenic view of the island. Thanks for the tranquil time.

A three days clubbing and shopping Seattle trip. I have mentally escaped the clubbing scene for a while now, but the scene stills warm-heartedly welcomes me. Thanks.
After 5 years I finally visited my Vancouver home. I did spent some quality time with mom and friends. My schedule was packed. However, after this visit I feel sad that my heart had drifted away from Vancouver. But there will be days I move back...
My summer 2012 was packed with variety of events: clubbings, boat trips, beach parties, hikings, friends gatherings, etc.  What I enjoyed the most are definitely friends' company, or meeting new good friends.
For 6 months I have been working on an IPO, coordinating and drafting the prospectus. In August, we finally submitted the listing application. Definitely a mini-milestone for my career achievement. =D

Thanks my friend for sending me the Olympics thrills from London. Though I left London, a piece of myself is always there. =P
I am adjusting to a new normal in life -- going out to lots of different events and activities yet don't have any focus at all; coz I have plenty of off-hour personal time, yet no life commitment. I will define this period as "living my life and yet finding love". This life style shall remain until end of 2012.
Off to Macau with my D32-mates. It was wonderful. Thanks!
Wed June 6, 2012, I prepared a two course meal for my friends on this special occasion. The main is Welsh lamb shack in rosemary and mint, came with pasta I bought in Naples, Italy. Everyone of us contributed our part to this dinner gathering. It was so wonderful. I really felt 幸福. =)
On April 11, 2012, my grandpa passed away peacefully at the age of 92, in absent of any disease nor sickness. He lived an extra-ordinary life, as a government official, an entrepreneur and a family man. Went through the huge ripples of ups and downs of life, he was, indeed, a blessed man.

My sis moved to Hong Kong for half a year or a year or so to take a gap year in life. It was good for me to re-spend time with her. Here we were at Yangshuo, China.