Lockdown in Hong Kong


In 2022, Hong Kong has disconnected from the international world for the third year now. The PRC and HK economies (also the global one) are heading downhill. There isn't much IPO for me and no more travelling to PRC for work, so I mostly stayed in Hong Kong. 

This year I practice golf almost weekly at the Hong Kong Golf Club. Thanks Carol for the good company.

Zen... My IPO days has come to an end... It's time for a detour. Zen...

When the gathering restriction eased a bit, I threw a birthday gathering for Royceton.

While the situation allowed, I did what I should do. Memory is the best gift I have for you.

Thanks my friends for the birthday wishes.

Playdate is my weekly routine.

I did have an overseas trip this year -- back to Vancouver home for lovely memories.

Thanks my good friends for always there beside me. Thanks.


2020-2021 are among the roughest years in the 21st century with COVID pandemic impacting all livelihoods around the world. Yet I am thankful that the adverse effect on me is minimal except that I had cancelled all my trips. On the bright side, I have been spending more time with family and friends in Hong Kong. Life's satisfaction and quality triump.

I mainly spend my times in a remote island of Hong Kong where my ancestry roots, staying away from the city and crowd. It is a special view for me as the sun is setting at where my ancestors rest.

My lockdown activities include hiking and walking along the beach with Tino

My social life has reduced to minimal, yet had my birthday gathering at an exquisite place

The firm I work for relocated to a smaller office, but gladly remained in a central area of Hong Kong

I'm thankful to have remained employed. It's an art to keep calm and carry on

Once gym opens, my daily activities include maintaining a healthy and balanced body

Despite the lockdown, I still celebrate birthdays for my family members

Body building in progress. I'm challenging to evolve from a twink into a muscle-lean man.

I had my first every staycation and enjoyed fancy meals while hotels are in promotions

My birthday

Dad's birthday

Birthday with friends

Birthday with friend

Boys board game night

High school friends

Men's date

Meeting the cousins

Tino's birthday at Ocean Park with family and friends. Thankful the park opened on Tino's birthday, but sadly closed down again as the third wave approached

I had a birthday gathering at Chris's residence at Hong Kong Peak along with a few of my friends

Of course I dressed formally for my birthday and the occasion. Based on my family's artefact, Chris suggested that my ancestor was a noble too

He collects over 2,000 Chinese garments and textiles including an emperor's gown, which was exhibiting in a museum in Singapore at the time

I imagined myself spending a night at the Louvre or the Imperial Palace

Seat cushion of the Emperor QianLong (乾隆皇帝)

Shoes for the ladies who bind their foot. (缠足)

A garment from Empress Dowager Cixi (慈禧) to the UK. The thread are gold plated

Necklace of Emperor's concubine. Those are color coral covering pearls

Study room. I was hoping to absorb more wisdom and knowledge

Family time at Christmas

Friends hang out

14 days quarantine in SZ for my work trip to Dongguan

Due diligence on an eyewear manufacturing company

Inspected a family flat at DQ

Toured Huawei headquarters, an European town

Boys' board game day again

Deloitte-mates gathering

Friends gathering at Rosewood and chatted about life

naked at a hot tub, like a Japanese onsen

Tino had no physical school for 3 months due to the COVID 4th wave in HK, so...

we scheduled play dates, visited museums, parks, and tourist attractions of Hong Kong

I've grown to be at peace with the past, myself and friends around me. Hope I am becoming a better person

Playing with Edgar, a trains and cars mandiac. Even I learn allot from kids play date too on parenting method

Tino's first yacht trip. Good to have friend to show him the skills

Play dates with Sebby. Happy to see them learn and grow together