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It has always been my life dream to live in the three major continents of the world - North America, Asia and Europe. Somehow, the situation and circumstance allow, then the self-interest had brought me to London in July 2011.
I had no clue initially how long I will stay in London. I left the canvas open, and let life's journey filled in the color. It turned out my stay was 7 months. Though I left, it won't be my last time visiting/staying in Europe. During this few months, I had fun, found love/friends, worked, traveled, cultivated. Oh. It is all wonderful.
I had been letting myself pursuing freedom and freewill. Being through this experience and carefree life style, I had my desire/dream properly exit out of the system, resulting no regret in life as of my 28 years of age. The aftermath is: I have grown up and am ready to encounter the mysterious "next". This sign "Keep Calm and Carry On" is the only souvenir I bought as the token of memory of my adventure in the UK. The slogan says it all. =)
This page, from the bottom to the top, briefly records my UK experience. MMM.
A wonderful day with Kash. Thanks.
Funny as I age, my favourite song in "Mama Mia" is "Winner Takes It All". I ain't whom I used to be...

Chinese new year dinner with friends and housemates. Rice, noodle, fish, dim sum, dumpling.
Really need to thanks Christy and Ricky helping me to cook the dishes. ;-)
First time setting foot on African soil. Here at Morocco. The oasis and medina are definitely unique experience.

The Amalfi Coast of Italy was so beautiful. Days and hours of sun tan on the beach... wonderful... Along with walking the ruin of Pompeii, simply magnificent.
2012 New Year Eve count down at London Eye! Celebrated along with Christy and 250,000 others. Ticked off another big item. =P

My new year weekend spent in museums and shops. This quote is tough, but does exhibit the reality. In 2012, I have decided to simply go easy with life...
Oh Kash, you made my journey to London complete. 不管我能够陪你有多长,至少能让你幻想与我飞翔。

Christmas special Nutcracker Ballet at Royal Opera House. I felt like a child again. Thanks Christy for the company.
Skating on Christmas Eve. Then stayed home with housemates for movies and Christmas feasts! Thanks Master Chef Yana!

Appetizer: Indian snacks.
Main 1: Yorkshire pudding w/ bacon & pork
Main 2: Fish fillet
Dessert: Dark & white chocolate fudge
Side: salad, cheeses, dips, confections. Yum!
Christmas party at Canary Wharf. Thanks Jeff for the warm heart, help and encouragements!

An evening walk on London history. It feels magical meeting good old friend in London. Thanks Rupert.
My first time making cheesecake... making the biscuit, whipping the cream, beating the cheese... wonderful. =P

Attended Christmas carol at St. Paul's and a celebration dinner at the City.
Howard is of a mix of West, East European, Jew, African background. Frequently we meet to discuss world history, humanity and philosophy. Thanks so much for the friendship.

The big "30" celebration of my housemate Robie. I have a few Italians in the house whom are exceptional good cook! Depicted is a homemade Tiramisu. I spied on them for the cooking technique. I started to make Italian dishes.

From left to right: Gio, me, Kiera, Yana, Jo, Robie & Marina. Thanks so much for the wonderful time and homey feeling!
My sweetie Melissa and her friend Rachel. On my visit to Manchester, joining their uni lives. Needless to say, it was fun. ;-)

Went to Poland and Ukraine with Ricky. We had deep conversation of about "when enough is enough, can we convert to simplicity?"
National Gallery is one of my fav places in London. Of all, my favorite paintings: "Venus and Mars" (depicting Love has conquered War); "The Fighting Temeraire" (representing the decline of Britain's naval power); "The Execution of Lady Jane Grey"...

Now I've developed an interest in history-referenced movies. The "Alexander" had me more aware of the thousand year of human history. Then visiting the British Museum has a deeper meaning to me...
Phantom of the Opera. Finally ticked off a big item on my London wish list. =P 
Christine: "God give me courage to show you, you are not alone..." that is a life's epiphany...

I was an extra on the BOND Movie! 400+ extras spent 12 hours shooting for 2 scenes; doubt appear even 1 minute in the final film. I was so fortunate to stand beside, rubbing shoulder with, Daniel, before arranged to stand behind him. What a sight and experience. Thanks!

放下、放下、再放下 就是把心裏的期望與執著放下。把事情做到最好而不期望,就是幸福的開始。 I have released myself; I care less whether I can stay in London, so I am enjoying UK/Europe as much as possible. Living life without regret. =D
I was a bit down, so I cheered myself in the rain by going for fresh air at Greenwich Meridian Line, overlooking Canary Wharf. 

Eugene Onegin, an opera from Tchaikovsky. Had no clue of the lyrics, but enjoyed the music and singings.
It's only November I started snooping for Christmas displays. Here are from Liberty and Selfridge. Looking forward for the seasons.

Cliff's food corner. Starting from being an idiot becoming not afraid to pick up kitchen tools is a huge leap to me. Still yet preparing Asian food. Soon will move onto making European delicacy.
Charles and Dougie invited me to their cottage and took care of me the whole day in Brighton. Thanks!

My friend Jeffrey invited me to his trio performance, of a concert with Julian Llord Webber. Thanks!
Escaped to Barcelona for Le Merce Festival.

Thames Festival in London (coincides with mid-autumn). Great time spent with Christy on the Southbank.
Yumi was inspired to visit London because of the film "Notting Hill". It is surreal, but nice. =P

"Alexandra Stan" and "One Direction". Well, I am getting tired of clubbing... Well, may be not quite yet... ;-)

Started to build some culture, so watched plays like "The Mother", about Russian revolution, and of course some Shakespeare's.

Drinks events has been my primary source of meeting people. Thanks God I made some good friends in London.
Exploring London. I walked everywhere especially the parks, the west end, Soho, Piccadilly...

Went out exploring Oxford and Edinburgh.





My lovely place near Canada Water. =)

First escape after living in London - naturalist experience and canal pride in Amsterdam.