Forbidden City, Beijing, China



Here are some songs that I won't get bored hearing over and over again. Each song accompanies me a specific stage(s) of my life. Ups and Downs. They are quite enjoyable too. Hope you like them as well.

Learn to be Lonely - Phantom of the Opera
We Found Love - Rihanna

Through out the months living in London, I had my share of European cultural delights.
At the same time I had my fun period. There were time I struggled with loneliness, but then I had let it go and started going out meeting people. In contrast to people saying that it is rare to meet good quality friends, I met quite a few deep hearted ones. I even found love in a hopeless place...
Thinking back, I did lived a vivid life in London.

好想好想 - 趙薇



Poker Face - Lady Gaga
Telephone - Lady Gaga

After the first year in Hong Kong, I realized that this is not a place to find love. So aside from long work, my activities are travelling and clubbing. And Lady Gaga has been with me for these two years.
2009: You can't read my poker face; because I am liking nobody.
2010: Stop calling, I don't wanna think anymore; I left my head and heart on the dance floor.
My stay in Hong Kong coincides with the economics downturn. My life is mainly undisrupted, but I learn that life is not perfect. I am content for getting a B. =)

Pensiero Stupendo - Patty Pravo
I first heard this song through a Gucci's commercial starring beautiful Charlize Theron. The class, the gracefulness and the ecstatic moment have enchanted me. More, the foreign language has brought up the diverse side of me. It's just magical. Along with Ave Maria by Beyonce, the song became my theme songs for my 26th B-day tour to Europe. Just feel plainly elegant.
But I decided not listen to this song again. It shall be kept as memory.

Whole World Around - Daniel Powter
Life's been good, I can't complain so far/ Designer clothes, expensive caviar/ And gated homes to keep the wolves at bay/ Tinted glass to hide my guilt and shame. Now whatever comes your way/ Sometimes you win/ Sometimes you loss/ When it all comes down you make it through...

Late 2008 is the state of mind which I attained internal peace. There are uphills, hiccups, great friends, good job, goal and challenges in my life. I am grateful as I am happy. Thank you!

Jump - Madonna


Leaving Vancouver was a challenge to me, coz Van is just so good. I really had to listen to "Jump" to always remind myself to pursue somewhere more career-oriented: "there's only so much you can learn in one place, there more that I wait, the more time that I waste..." I never regret the decision of spending a few of my prime years in Vancouver. These two years had transformed me to be humbly happy and have the capacity to share happiness with people. =)

Shut up and Drive - Rihanna
Do you know the Ping Pong Song - Enrique Iglesias
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
Lollipop - Mika
All these songs don't mean much to me. Like fashion they are pleasing for the moment but fade the next min. Nonetheless, in aggregate they represent a unique stage of my life - Progressing and Idling. Idling because I was stuck in a situation like my feet are nailed to the ground. Progressing because I still move my arms and body and explore new interests, like exploring new pops.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
-- by Cyndi Lauper
It is the theme song of my backpack trip to Mexico 07. Then this who-cares-about-the-future mood carries onto the next few months.
Oh I wanna be the one who walk in the Sun. Oh baby I just wanna have fun.

Hung Up
-- by Madonna
A musician that can call the clubbers to the floor, if not Madonna, then who else?
It has been one and a half year since this song debuted. Well, when I first listen to this song, I was a notional person; with time, I grow and I am real. This song represents one specific obstacle that I overcame, and I turned out healthy.

Bad Day
-- by Daniel Powter
When I was young, I felt resentful for things didn't go in my way. Now, things have changed. After thru grindings, a depression, and a fall from grace, my glassy heart got shattered. Courageously I must pick'em up piece by piece and again live my life. "Bad Day" is a song that accompanies me through the down time. It's a token to remind me what happened in my life and to encourage me to live fully and happily everyday. 

Old Habits Die hard

-- by Mike Jagger


Isn't it every man's dream to be Alfie? I can live a glamorous life, but I will never be Alfie. A great quote in the film is that "I don’t depend on nobody and nobody depends on me. My life is my own," Alfie says, at the end of the film. "But I don’t have peace of mind. And if you don’t have that, you don’t have nothing."


A Love that Will Never Grow Old - Golden Globe Best Music 2006
-- by Emmylou Harris
This piece of music illustrates the fundamental meaning of love, or in other words "True Love". Life could go back to mediocrity, but the simple love will brighten one's life. I do wish I could meet the true love of my life, but in reality things are real. That's why I enjoy this touching piece of MUSIC so much. Enjoys.

I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
-- by Teddy Thompson

Perhaps I am missing intimate love in my life, songs that describe the departure of loved one always capture my soul. Along HERE is the lyric. Enjoys.


Gareth Gates


Listening to his songs (that specific "Anyone of Us" album) always reminds me my stay in London and Europe. The cultural shock there is undeniable. And if you get a chance to watch the MTV of "Anyone of Us", I bet you will be mesmerized my the magic of Venice as well. Enjoys.


Time To Say Goodbye /or With you I Will Go (/or Italian: Con Te Partiro)

-- by Sarah Brightman (& Andrea Boccelli)


This song portraits two lovers who are separated by distance. May be they both live in different countries, but through dreams they exist for each other... "With you I will sail to countries I never saw and share the experience with you..."

HERE is the lyric and English translation.


Eyes On Me

-- by Faye Wong


The theme SONG of Final Fantasy VIII which resembles one's ambiguity of reality or dream. A sense of lost in life.


但願人長久 - 王菲 (English: Wish You A Good Life)

-- by Faye Wong


This is a musical representation of an eminent Chinese poem, 水调歌头. This poem captures the feeling of reaching the peak, and the feeling of departure. I made an English translation of this poem HERE. Enjoys.


Another Suitcase In Another Hall

-- by Madonna


This piece of music captures the moment of being lost in love and lost in the society, and yet ignites flames to improve the current status. It is quite enjoyable and HERE is the lyric.